A Compilation of Questions for Head Chef Nominees

With the final round of Head Chef nominees coming in this week to introduce themselves on Forum. While they’ve answered these questions on air before, this provides an opportunity for the community at large to pick candidates’ brains more in-depth regarding particular points that people may not have been satisfied with.

Some Questions Asked:

  1. What are the skills required of a Head Chef. What would make them a great asset?
  2. How would you handle business development, marketing, and other nonengineering departments.
  3. What strategies would you employ for a sustainables growth and revenue model.
  4. What are your first priorities when you take position? What are the expected timelines that you would envision for your next steps.
  5. What is your stance on financial and treasury transparency for operations? How far would you be willing to doxx information?
  6. What is your experience when it comes to the legal issues surrounding crypto? How far are you willing to concede to sanctions and censor?
  7. How is your past experience going to translate to your new role. What places did you work at? How many people have you managed?
  8. Are there any outside entities that you plan on bringing in to help. Who would they be and why?
  9. Do you plan on being beholden to large whales’ and investors’ wishes.
  10. What is the biggest obstacle in the way of Sushi’s dominance? How would you deal with that?
  11. Are there any changes to Sushi tokenomics that you would like to see? What could that look like?
  12. What is a potential product that you believe could be built and added to the Sushi suite.
  • Question #1
  • Question #2
  • Question #3
  • Question #4
  • Question #5
  • Question #6
  • Question #7
  • Question #8
  • Question #9
  • Question #10
  • Question #11
  • Question #12

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I will hold a pool here for which you think as most appropriate to be asked, as outlined in: Next steps looking for Sushi's Head Chef | SushiSwap Blog

You can vote for up to three questions. The ones you think are most appropriate.

Externally to this, if you’d like to add another question to this thread - feel free to do so. I probably missed a bunch. If it gets a good number of reactions it is certainly a consideration.

In the meanwhile you can watch the last three previous weeks of interviews at the https://www.youtube.com/c/SushiOfficial channel.

Sushi on, frens.


have voted from options presented.

i know it’s kind of Q11 - but would maybe like to hear candidates thoughts on governance and voting models for Sushi going forward;
if there are any DAO governance experiments they admire or see merit in, where the “end state” for decentralised Sushi is and how they’d help us get there, utopian DAO fanfic stuff
with pictures plz thankyou

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Thank you for your service, ser. I think that would probably wrap into the #2 question from the team as well.


i would like questions #6 and #11 from your list to mate with #2 from the team list and, once the baby has been raised by all three into a coherent question - i would like the candidates to answer the beastchilds siren call with their own mighty edict.

i have no further requests of potential candidates at this time.

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Odd distributed voting, how about #4, #7 and one or more of the other choices with a minimum of 3 questions answered?

Can we add these please?

-What are the candidates expectations of the team they will inherit in terms of output?

-Will they expect team members to work exclusively for sushi?

-How will candidates improve the onboarding process and ‘oversight’ committee?

The SushiDao Board should experiment with voting systems, in elections and for important motions, which seek to precent ‘oppression of the minority.’
Democracy has its flaws (e.g., ‘oppression of the minority’, ‘wisdom of the whales’). Sushi should tune its democratic process – in Board elections and voting on motions – to better capture community opinions.
Important votes (e.g., for the Board or major changes) should be rewarded. Mechanisms are required to propose debate. Quadratic voting is a collective decision-making procedure which involves individuals allocating votes to express the degree of their preferences, rather than just the direction of their preferences. By doing so, quadratic voting seeks to address issues of majority rule. [Vitalik Buterin has written in support of Quadratic voting/payments: https://vitalik.ca/general/2019/12/07/quadratic.html.]
Quadvotes by number of participants, rather than proportion of tokens held are preferred to simple majority voting if the aim is to prevent oppression of the minority.

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Some thoughts:

(1) What are the candidates expectations of the team they will inherit in terms of output? Any employee of any organization should have defined responsibilities, defined by a contract which protects the individual and the organization. Roles and responsibilities should be defined. Contributions should be reviewed in a positive light and supportive comments should be offered. Qualitative and quantitative contributions both matter.

(2) The Core Team should work ‘mainly’ for Sushi on contracts (those who do will be paid more than those who don’t.) Some can work on projects and paid for that work. Others can seek grants or venture funding to build their own projects.

(3) Every business needs an HR function to: ensure people are paid and supported, provide other benefits (in time), to offer counseling, to deal with any people problems, to hire, onboard and let people go.

(4) Oversight is critical to create a well functioning organization: the community should elect a board; the board should manage the Foundation/management and approve key decisions, or action major changes (firing Foundation management, of needs be); the Foundation management should manage its team, product, budgets etc.; and line managers, with HR, manage people. (Sorry if this sounds ‘centralized’, but it is designed to fair, open and democratic.)

Functional teams must be created with the infrastructure to support virtual operation (Finance/Treasury, Business Development, Commercial policy, Product/Development, People Team, Marketing and Community etc.)

Related businesses will report to and be controlled by the SushiDao Foundation:

  • SushiExchange(s), with its own manager and the possibility of regional subsidiaries,
  • Sushi Developers, with a Lead Developer, and
  • Sushi Ventures, with a Senior Investment Partner.

Hire smart people. Set clear goals, objectives and KPIs based on their financial outcome. Put in place the infrastructure required for effective day-to-day management (daily stand-ups, project management and communication applications etc.)

Also, two more questions, I think are important.

When did you first join the Sushi Community? You can check your join date in Discord for the Sushi Channel.

How much sushi/xSushi do you have invested and why?

I disagree. I don’t think date of discord is that illuminating on someone’s ability to perform in the job. I joined the Sushi discord in 2020, read it for two weeks, and then didn’t come back for a year. Just because you joined a discord doesn’t mean much.

We shouldn’t ask people how much they have invested. The head chef search shouldn’t be a contest for whales.

I’ve been following Sushi’s ups and downs from the beginning. I agree with Andrew on the weight of ‘investment in xSushi’ (I’m a hodler). What matters is the quality of the proposal and character/experience of the applicant.

Well then, going to agree to disagree on a few things besides this. Length on discord and posts on discord go a long way towards showing community involvement. Also, xSushi investment and why is important because it shows why you are after the position and how you see your contributions to the community. Anyone can throw their hat in the ring for a well paying CEO job, jump on discord at the last minute and try to engage the community. These questions are beneficial, as you can show what makes you stand out as a candidate from the other million well qualified C-Level executives.

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