A Sushi Night Concert

Me and my girlfriend have a violin and cello duet called “Duos Duet” and we are professional classical players with extensive experience playing in different orchestras. We would be happy to share our original music with a new network of people who value $sushi as an art form more than a food or even a digital platform.
Our music is of indie nature and we try to put a specific signature to it. We use loopers and other electronic synths and modulation devices to produce modern sounds and make things even more interesting.

Its time for $sushi :sushi: lovers to chill out, order some Sashimi and enjoy a 30 minutes virtual concert.
We can stream the music (video and sound) thorough YouTube or Twitch depending on Sushi members and votes.
This will be a free concert but people can donate us through SushiSwap platform and we use the donation for more events and more music!
We can make it more serious (meaning more than just our Dues Duet) if funding can be provided prior to concert by presenting a simple list of what we can prepare for the show, e.g. a Quartet doing some Japanese themed music perhaps?

I am very new to Crypto and have been introduced to $sushi and just loved the platform and to be honest I made a good profit so it’s time to give it back to the community

I can deliver in 10 days after the decision is made.


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As a decentralized institution , we might wanna support Art and creativity . as Sushi itself is an art form :slight_smile:

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Exactly ! This is my approach

The whole idea is for the Sushi community based on Sushi theme !

Yes I will, I just want to know how many people are interested ! That’s all. Consider it as a news.


Can you make a Game of Thrones theme song parody for sushi? If so, I will toss you a roll.

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Tho with gas prices it would be ideal to set up donations on a layer 2 or sister chain. IE BSC or xdai

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what’s your discord? let’s build this

Lets Nikixu#4481
:violin: :sushi:

thats an idea we can work on !

Love me some good strings. Would be great to hear you cover Kara’s theme from DB:H, or anything from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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will think about it’

Best of luck to you two as musicians but I don’t see how this would add value to Sushiswap. On the surface it seems more like an attempt to use the Sushi community to drive traffic to your own Twitch/Youtube.

I am willing to use Sushi Twitch or any platform conducting by Sushi community. And we are going to use Sushi theme for the entire event.

I don’t believe sushi has one but I think we should… I was mentioning to @magicturtle that I think having faces for community calls increases engagement and trustworthiness while removing anon fears. So eventually I would love to co-stream from an official sushi twitch.

As to Navi, I think that there is plenty of room for cross promotion… tapping into communities like twitch is big. Yes, they are increasing brand awareness for themselves from our community, but this is good. I would encourage more DO’ers to co-create with Sushi. You don’t even need consent imo just make sure to drive traffic and awareness to sushi, be respectful / have integrity and have good intentions. Then we all benefit