A Transparency Framework Required for SUSHI new Governance


The proposed new Governance Proposal, with his hierarchical efficiency-lead structure combining the community-oriented organizational model, do require a Radical Approach to Transparency in order to effectively represent a Takeover of the SUSHI project [1].

This proposal aim to introduce a mandatory requirement of Radical Transparency measure for greater accountability and DAO governance efficiency.

[1] Combined Arca & Frog Nation Restructuring Proposal - Combined Arca & Frog Nation Restructuring Proposal


This proposal aim to introduce a mandatory requirement of Radical Transparency measure, like our community deserve, striving crowdsourced accountability within:

  1. The Wealth of each individual being involved into the project organisation
  2. The Compensation of each individual being involved into the project organisation
  3. The Transparency of the Decision Process and Outcome of the Management Team
  4. The KPI being used to represent the successful or unsuccessful outcome of the Management Team at his election/nomination moment, to be voted at inception time and on a yearly basis

With that level of transparency, the community in a very distributed way, would be able to evaluate based on facts the “human organisational incentives” of anyone being involved into the organisation.

Explicit and Implicit conflict of interests and Private undisclosed Interests would be known by the SUSHI DAO, enabling proper Community Involvement in the Overweigh of the Decision Making Process.


It has to be considered that SUSHI DAO is not a very well distributed balancing power and community oriented ownership:

From CoinMarketCap we can see that less than 10 persons dictate >50% of the SUSHI project SushiSwap price today, SUSHI to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap :

SUSHI need Decentralisation and to avoid any risk of Personal Takeovers.

Radically Transparent Accounting of the project leaders and members outcome is a tool to reduce that risks and increase the resiliency on the community to aim a much more diversified participation in to the project Goals.

There’s also the need to apply mitigation of the risk of the phenomena of the “dictatorship of the minorities” whereby a small groups dictate strategic and operational tactics for their own advantage.

Similarly to a “democratic structure” in the Transparency measures there’s the key to accountability, and
accountability extend the community control fostering the sense of “our/us” with better DAO SUSHI holders involvement.

Below the Proposal Specification for the different area of Transparency:

Wealth Transparency: Any leading member within the 1st level and 2nd level hierarchy of the project must fully disclose, with a certified audit, its own wealth and wealth composition

Compensation Transparency: Any compensation being paid of value higher than $100k must be publicly accounted at approval time and at disbursement time.

Decision Making Oversight: Any decision take by the 1st level management having a short-mid-long term outcome of costs of revenues higher than $100k must be made public with target results KPI attached. Any decision defined as a strategy by the 1st level management has to come forward for approval with a target results KPI attached, identifying the success and failure scenarios.

Measurement Guarantee Committee: An Independent Measurement Guarantee Commitee would oversight the objectical evaluation and/or review of the Transparency Assets to be produced into the project.

Outcome for are the SUSHI token holders and the DeFi community at large, setting the strongest transparency DAO governance rules even, fostering the increase in participation and wider members responsibilities.

Outcome against that transparency approach would be the will to disclose personal wealth of the management, or anyone against the accountability of results of decisions impacting the project or anyone that may consider too much bureaucratic some aspects of a Transparency Measure.

I would love to knows what @danielesesta or @alex17 think about setting such a high standard of Transparency for better participation.

I would love to knows the SUSHI community at large in general, that does it think about.



A noble proposal.
May you have enough support to enact it.