About Across Bridge's integration with sushi to bring the best multi-chain experience to DEX users

Integrate Across Cross-chain bridges in Sushi to allow L2<->L1 asset exchange

Across is the fastest, cheapest and most secure bridge between L1 and L2, supporting Arbitrum, Optimism, Boba and Ethereum mainnets, more networks will be supported as our V2 goes live
Across protocol is a novel bridging method that combines an optimistic oracle, bonded relayers and single-sided liquidity pools to provide decentralized instant transactions from rollup chains to Ethereum mainnet.
we Would love to Integration add across website in Sushi.

Developer Docs :Welcome to Across - Across
Official website: https://across.to/
Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/AcrossProtocol
discord:Across Protocol
telegram:no telegram
TVL: $43.9M and increasing
Total Bridge Volume Transfers:$187.8M and increasing

  • YES Integration add across website in Sushi
  • NO Need to reconsider

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What type of integration effort would this be from a man-hours perspective and what kind of volume increase would this bring to the platform


Not sure what the lift is like to make something like this to happen. Nor, do I know the full benefit to sushi users. I’ve used Hop Protocol in the past. Had never heard of Across Protocol. That doesn’t mean much, as others may use it all the time. I guess I’d be most interested in how much effort is required from the Sushi team to accomplish this? There are a lot of irons in the fire, so the lift and the benefit need to be compelling.

At present, SUSHI supports multiple public chains and also supports L2. The integration of Across is bound to bring more convenience to users of L2 or other public chains, and it will also bring more traffic to SUSHI.

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Currently, there are many cross-chain bridges in the market, which are very troublesome for both new SUSHI users and old SUSHI users. If SUSHI is integrated with Across, it will undoubtedly bring great convenience to all SUSHI users, and Across is very good in terms of speed and security compared to several large cross-chain bridges in the market. The cost of cross-chaining is currently slightly more expensive than other cross-chain bridges in terms of small amounts, but there is a great advantage in large amounts of cross-chaining, which cannot be achieved by other cross-chaining bridges, which will bring better security and cross-chaining experience to SUSHI and bring more user traffic…

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so cool i LIKE it

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Hear you on the potential benefits, but I was looking for more concrete numbers

nice project i really like it very good

Integration add across website in Sushi

Across is safe, fast and cheap

Support! Good project!

yes ,love across and it is most safe bridge i have used ever

Integration add across website in Sushi

nice project! i love across

Integration add across website in SuShi