Acquisition of domainname to be used as home for the Sushi community and umbrella of its projects. SushiSwap would still be the name of the exchange (and available at

As there has been some discussion on whether SushiSwap would work as a name for a larger ecosystem that includes lending / margin trading / limit orders and more, Boring and I looked into various domainname alternatives to see if there was something fitting.

After a lot of searching for names and discussing possibilities, we more or less concluded that would be the penultimate domain, allowing us to continue to use for the exchange, while also, like Uniswap does with (separate from, provide a home for our community and wider ecosystem.

Long story short, I decided to reach out via an anonymous mail form, to see if the current owner(s) of would be willing to sell it. I got back a very friendly and positive reply from the owner, who coincidentally happens to be one of the most prominent open source advocates & pioneers Brian Behlendorf.

Brian set the price at what I deemed a very generous price of 142 ETH…

Which brings us to the discussion and decision to be made, on whether or not we should move to acquire

Acquire from its current owner for 142 ETH, and use it as home for the SushiSwap community and the future DAO.

  • Yes, wow, absolutely, let’s buy it!
  • No, meh, why, maybe

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sushiswap, sushiswapclassic, sushivision – all of these are hard to remember and easy to mix up. On the contrary doesn’t need a bookmark.


I don’t think it’s necessary at the moment and we could make better use of those 65K$ to build the product or the brand. Also, I don’t understand why we should choose Sushi as a domain name. Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a Sushiswap.* domain? It would prob be cheaper too.

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I would imagine it would be easier to find us as “SushiSwap” via google than it would be to find us as “Sushi”. Plus that’s not an insignificant amount of money that could be paid out as grants.

So ye, I’m a little unsure right now.

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Well the thinking goes that, the Swap in Sushi relates to the exchange, so if our ecosystem expands as planned, the name SushiSwap isn’t quite right to encompass all our services. Thus the exchange would remain SushiSwap, but the DAO would essentially be the Sushi organisation (or

We have people complaining that is too long to write, others think a .fi doesn’t look serious, etc. A short domainname on .com/.net/.org is seen as more serious and professional, and it doesn’t get better than .org for a DAO, imo.

This would help build the brand too, and make it easier to bring in new customers in the future to the ecosystem. Being able to refer to if people find that sounds fishy (pun unintended) would help a lot in that respect.

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I definitely agree, but again, SushiSwap would remain the name of the exchange in this case. People would still google SushiSwap and find that domain. But separating organisation & app makes sense and many do that in DeFi ( / case in point).

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Fair enough, I have not voted yet, so I might have change of mind after I’ve had something to eat.

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SushiSwap refers to just the AMM and we’re aiming to be a lot more than that. I think a serious domain name like is very helpful in brand building. Imagine buying your shoes from… compared to - it just isn’t the same. Getting a strong domain like shows we are serious and not just a quick 1 month project.


I was going on the assumption we would be leaving SushiSwapClassic and using the original SushSwap name for the platform. None the less, my current vote is yes with a hint of hesitation.

IMO, spending the money on development and marketing is more important right now than a domain name.

When we’ve got the products done, and can actually benefit from the domain, then sure.

I would personally put this on hold for a couple months, and then see how it’s all actually working out, before buying it.


Great initiative @ctrl! Having run domain name registrars and registries for over 10yrs, I deeply understand the value of domain names and their secondary market dynamics. While definitely qualifies as what we in the industry call a “generic” which certainly commands a premium, I think $50k for a .org is high. Consider the top 100 sales ytd. I think $25k-35 is about right.

Also, I’m not 100% sold on as opposed to (other TLD) for branding consistency reasons. Sure, we will expand beyond swaps but many companies grew beyond their initial biz focus’s but kept legacy branding. Then again, the generic domain is nice and it’s nice to “own” the generic term in the long run I.e. Amazon

Ultimately, I’ll vote for good domain acquisitions as that’s a world I understand the importance of. Hope u can get a better price though. At the end of the day “domainers” (not called squatters anymore) have portfolios to make money. Bargain hard!


Guys, just checked and is available for 10k.

I think .finance is a great TLD that is popular in DeFi these days and fits well as Sushi repositions toward broader financial applications.

It’s also 75% cheaper!

tbh I’m wary of shelling out 65k at this stage for this kind of thing.

Could look into, etc but I personally think is pretty dope.


Any domain with swap in it doesn’t really work longer term, because we’re not planning to just be an AMM. is ok, although the .finance domain is being cheapened by the day with all the forks and rugpulls. Personally I like as a cheap alternative that looks serious enough - so I registered it just in case.

imo we should keep the “swap” in our branding at least until we develop lending and margin trading, but it’s too much sushi related imo. is more suited for defi


I think it’s a great idea honestly, there are branding concerns and that is legitimate but I think a lot of that can be cleared up if there is a clear strategy in place for cleaning up names, making the sites interconnected and there being a lot of contextual information on to explain the umbrella organization and all of its interconnected pieces. I think it could also be remedied by having an improved logo system - one for, and then ones for sushiswap and bentobox and future projects that all take design cues and visual references to the parent brand. The company I work for currently has a main parent brand with various sub-brands and through tailored messaging and visual styles and contextual information we’ve largely been able to avoid a lot of confusion, so I’m fairly convinced that with a right strategy this would work out just fine. does indeed sound very professional and legitimate and easy to remember - so I think we should jump on it. is not really linked to sushiswap. don’t think we should go ahead with it