Add Fuse Network to the list of SUSHI-supported chains

Please consider our proposal to add Fuse Network to the list of blockchains supported by SUSHI. We believe that this would be easy to implement and beneficial to both of our communities.

Fuse Network ( is a fast and low-cost public EVM-compatible blockchain technologically similar to xDAI, which is already supported by SUSHI. It has two-way bridges to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and a robust, low-cost and user-friendly plug-and-play infrastructure for mobile payments. Its native token is FUSE.
At the core of Fuse’s ecosystem are payment-centric communities like GoodDollar (digital basic income project consistently in the top 10 of dApps by the number of daily users, according to, Kolektivo (working on projects like the CuraDAI stablecoin-payment infrastructure for Curaçao) and Comunitaria (a Spanish charity using Fuse to better target donations to poor families).
The key tools in the Fuse mobile payment-centric infrastructure are The Studio (a tool for creating token-powered communities with no coding) and the Fuse white label wallet that any community can adapt to its needs by creating a branded version). The team is also currently preparing the launch of Fuse’s consumer-facing mobile wallet Fuse Cash. Fuse’s vision is to make crypto-powered payments and DeFi available to the masses.
We believe that Fuse is a worthy addition to the list of EVM-compatible chains supported by SUSHI.

Benefits for SUSHI: Fuse is a rapidly growing payment- and DeFi-centric ecosystem striving, among other things, to bring a lot more people to the industry globally. The SUSHI community will benefit from exposure to it.

Benefits for Fuse: exposure to one of the largest and most prolific communities in the DeFi space, a major additional protocol to trade and use Fuse assets on.

Fuse Network to be added to the list of blockchain platforms natively supported by the Sushi protocol.

Fuse Network is added to SUSHI

Fuse Network is not added to SUSHI


100% approve of this, would be great to see this collab!


This would be great. I love the Fuse network and I would really appreciate it if I could trade on it through Sushiswap and on the BSC!


Great idea, Fuse is a growing ecosystem with one of the largest tx volume dapps in defi running on it. Fuse + Sushi would be a great combination.


Fuse team has a working product as is.
They are more head down, getting work done vs constant promotion without a working product like most crypto out there. Would love for it to be on Sushi.

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Sounds good to me.
I can’t think of any down side to this if they are not asking for subsidies.

Would like to see it on SUSHI as well.

+1 this proposal in essence. Think fuse would help sushi gain exposure and adoption in some untapped global markets.
I like fuse as a project and it would definitely benefit from collaboration with sushi.
Where the proposal is purely for native support, it’s a pretty easy yes.