Add Rainbowpuffpuff as forum and discord moderator

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added a poll*

discloser: outside of my Sushi investments, I have been hired to work as a community manager for LevX’s social token as of today, for a trial period of one month. I do not vet my content by LevX.

I have sent over 10k messages in the LevX discord and the community members there can attest to the fact that I have not attempted to incite to violence or any kind of antisocial setting. I think I am able to fulfill the moderation role, unpaid, for a period of one month. After this trial period, I would like to have achieved transparent, voted on, company bylaws related to censorship.


im bumping this post cause i am banned from the discord chat so i cannot promote myself otherwise through the gov process - i dont get retweets for my proposal from the main sushi twitter account

You were banned from discord for toxic behaviour.
Did not delete any message, anyone can check and see why Rainbowpuffpuff has been banned.

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you banned me for tagging @omakasebar on discord after i am alleging that he stole funds
you banned me with no actual path for me to appeal the ban
there are no regulations
and no one can actually* check, they need to come and ask you - you didnt put reasons transparently anywhere, there is no public board for that, you keep it hidden in your secret closed doors groups
this is what i was fighting for and you banned me
you censoring my ideas wont do anything good for decentralisation
it will just help your boss and multi sig owners to drain more than they already have from the treasury

where exactly does it say that we can’t do @ to discord server members?


these two images are from one forum reply i had, that was hidden by omakase

these images are also from forum replies taken down by omakase, no course to appeal the tyranny

there are more, but why should i uncensor myself when i get offered no reasons for being censored? fight for me to get mod if you want to get transparency in this tyrannical top down management structure

“off topic” oh okay i cant talk about things i need to write new posts
but the posts i write wont get promoted by the paid team and the sushi samurais
so he who hires is he who decides what gets done wen
he who censors with no regulation in place must go
@OmakaseBar must go, thats why i call for his resignation
why isnt that one forum proposal tweeted about?

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calling a fraud names while being very angry about them committing fraud is toxic imho, but sometimes folks like me get too emotional
where can i make my case for unban ser?
i am ready to repent and confess to my sins

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I have voted in favour, in support of the principle of removing the powers of moderation from core and appointing community moderators, in order to introduce checks and balances, which I think is important.

As to you @Rainbowpuffpuff - I support a lot of what you stand for but I cordially advice you to tone down the emotion inside your rhetoric and make your posts shorter, less frequent, and void of the gifs - I think this is eclipsing the reasoning and putting a lot of people off atm.


This ^

I’m happy to unban you from discord if you agree to calm down on forum/discord posts and content.


Dude, don’t take that personally, but you’re way too hot-headed. This is not helpful.


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So seems like our forum now has a list of keywords that must not be named.
Was it something I said?

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I had a similar experience - I think the new rule is that some posts need moderation approval before comments are allowed (like or the


I have not been here long, but you don’t really seem level headed enough for moderation. Every post I have read from you is very vicious.

dont worry, they cant reply to you, they were so vicious that they got permanently muted from the forum
as they were banned from the sushi discord too, now they are exiled from the community

How do i know? I work at the same corp that got a 7 day mute on a paralegal account

thank omakase for that - rainbowpuffpuff was alleging a man in the middle attack - did core omakase curate the intentions of the community such that they are not placed in a bad light in regards to their missteps, blunders, and attempts to steal?

why is this post flagged? ban on memes in this “DAO”? :wink:

Same for me. With this post, it’s likely going to be four posts pending. Who is moderating this forum?