Add Sushi Pools to PayRue Wallet

PayRue Swap is multi chain wallet built on top 0x Protocol, currently offer wallet and swap support for BSC, Ethereum and Polygon as such we are an aggregator.

We are in process of adding more chains like Fantom and Avalanche. PayRue Wallet is mobile first even though offer web app as well.

We are in process to release PayRue NFT Marketplace on Polygon and first version should be live in 1-2 weeks from now.

We are adopting to a DAO mode next year, and our current users is around 80,000. We have native token Propel that mainly is used for rewards, discounts, staking and governance. Propel is available on BSC and recently on Polygon and Fantom via bridge from AnySwap.

Twitter video demonstrating the swap service

Im writing a proposal to integrate the Sushi Swap pools into PayRue Wallet allowing users to easily add liquidity and choose pairs by linking from PayRue mobile wallet to relevant Sushi Swap Pool.

We have 90% of our users on mobile apps only, and adding liquidity and staking LP tokens is by many a good choice to earn while hodl which makes sense, but this process is time consuming and include many different AMM and moving from and between wallets, mobile apps and laptop/desktop.

By giving PayRue users a more straight forward way to add liquidity bit as a Rainbow is doing on UniSwap we believe our loyal users and new users will benefit and use this service much more as crypto adoption continue to increase on all fronts.

The proposal we are making is to integrate Sushi pools and swap into PayRue Wallets and establish Sushi/Propel with staking of LP tokens.

We have 2 proposals that we are interested to discuss and hear views and both proposals we can support and equal amount of swap in Propel if required.

  1. 50k USD worth of Sushi Tokens that will be distributed direct to developers and part for marketing around and after launch.

  2. 100k USD worth of Sushi Tokens that
    a) 50k will be distributed to developers and for marketing under/after launch.
    b) the other 50k will be in Propel/Sushi Pool on SushiSwap with 50k of Propel and 50k of Sushi on Polygon that will be to support the PayRue NFT Marketplace on Polygon Launch.

PayRue Wallet, could offer an easy way for PayRue existing and new users and for Sushi Swap mobile users to use SushiSwap on other mobile apps than currently available. A goal would be to have 1 million users on PayRue Wallet within 12 months and DAU of at least 25%.

If need to put something I would say if there was a some big regulatory changes that limits or try to regulate dex usage in such way that it could be less attractive to use dex for some new potential customers of crypto.


Build a poll using the Build Poll function, check out this link ( for a guide on how to build a poll