Add Sushi Set Dollar to Onsen


Sushi Set Dollar is an algorithmic stablecoin designed and exclusive for Sushiswap. We wanted to bring the DSD, ESD movement over to Sushi and would like to be added to Onsen.
Sushi Set Dollar is building an ecosystem of algorithmic non collateral backed stablecoins exclusively on Sushiswap. Our next complimentary token that LPs receive as an airdrop is the Sushi Set Yen. We will then proceed to release a Sushi Set Euro, etc. We are planning to build a Seigniorage stablecoin forex market exclusively to Sushiswap. We are a community project that raised no funds, had no presale, and have no dev fund etc. Community run based on governance.


Since we are exclusive to Sushiswap, we think we are the perfect fit for the Onsen program for Sushi Set Dollar and all of our coming stablecoins for this forex market ecosystem. Unlike DSD we will reward LPs much heavier in token expansions of a 80% to LPs and 20% to DAO where DSD was 60% DAO and 40% LPs. We are trying to pull many of the algorithmic stablecoin liquidity from Uniswap over to our Sushiswap forex ecosystem with by heavily supporting liquidity providers. We think adding Onsen ontop of this would be icing on the cake and attract alot of liquidity to Sushiswap and our ecosystem.


Add Sushi Set Dollar, and our coming stablecoin tokens Sushi Set Yen, Sushi Set Euro, etc to the Onsen program.


Add Sushi Set Dollar and its coming assets to the Onsen program

I don’t have an option to add poll, could someone add a poll to this please?

I would love some sort of a fork of what curve & synthetix did for 0 slippage FX. But your proposal need more details on how the peg will be sustained, and composability. Being stuck in a sushi-only pond will not grow volume.

Sushi Set Dollar eh? Interested to see how this plays out…

Since there is no onchain stablecoin for Yen and these other currencies we are building, we plan to create a usdc pair and peg it the Yen instead of $1 price point, using chainlink oracles as a service for peg information. Our trading pair will still use USDC, however, our Yen stable coin will target a Yen price ratio to maintain its Yen/Usd price target.

This mainly achieves the same thing as a Yen based onchain stablecoin, and it is how we plan to achieve and build the Sushi Set Yen.