Add transparent forum voting


Forum votes should be transparent


OmakaseDAO and censorship are the ones winning from the forum votes not being transparent, as they can make multiple new accounts to shift voting in their favor


Not seeing who voted on discourse forum proposals is a choice which has been arbitrarily taken without any snapshot legitimacy conferred to it. Seeing the accounts which voted can help debunk whether the voters are Sybil attacking by mass voting with accounts that have been made for psychological operations. It can also help check their message and activity history to check whether they are truly individuals or whether they are perhaps fake accounts made by the censors.
If this voting is not transparent, why should the snapshot voting be transparent either? Couldn’t we hide the amounts and who voted with how much Sushi, there, too?
Similarly, the conversations of the core team are hidden - are those going to be put in the public eye, ever?


Propose on Snapshot whether voting on discourse ( should be transparent or whether the individuals voting should remain anonymous.


Move to snapshot and promote it using the twitter account of sushi (which omakase and whoever else have access to)


Don’t move to snapshot and allow anonymous voting to continue, trusting that the anonymous forum censors (including omakase daddy) will continue doing their censor job according to how they see fit


  • Put discourse anonymous voting up for snapshot voting and promote the vote with the Sushi Twitter account
  • Don’t put discourse anonymous voting up for snapshot voting, don’t promote the vote with the Sushi twitter

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I completely agree

unless you figure out who controls the twitter sushi account and the procedure of promoting community posts on the twitter account, this is difficult to implement