Adding Arabic language to the list of supported languages on Sushi

I suggest adding Arabic language to sushi
I found many languages on sushi include Turkish and Farsi and more, but no Arabic. Many countries speak Arabic, most of the Middle East countries speak Arabic.I hope the Arabic language will be added There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who speak the Arabic language

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Ultimately having all languages would be nice but its a development and maintenance cost. Whats the TAM on the exclusively speaking Arabic crypto community

I agree with you but I don’t mean full support just this screen app.sushi

Thank you for your response and interest
I agree with you - I don’t mean full support
But I mean like this screen on Sushi supports 18 languages, not including Arabic

Who speaks Arabic in the world as a first or second language, 541 million
It ranks fifth among all languages of the world in terms of the number of speakers
I see languages such as Turkish, Persian, Portuguese and other languages present in this screen of Sushi, although the number of speakers of them is less