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Hi, i am a new token holder and have a few thoughts on the ads i saw finding you i would like to share. I think that in the USA, comparing your product to food, tasting delicous may put people off.
With the name Sushi, people get the comparison right there and like it.

I think what happens is that most Americans don’t like the sushi food at all. It isnt popular here BUT the name is catchy all by itself. I am a vegan and i bought in, so please dont see this as a complaint, i simply think making direct comparisons to an unpopular food may chase people away.

Thanks , hopefully we all do well here !!


Where in the USA do people not like sushi as a food? I am in Eugene, Oregon, and it is well-liked enough here. Pre-COVID, going out for sushi was within the range of things I did with friends, and there is a neighborhood Asian market I regularly get takeout sushi from now. Unfortunately, I am not sure how well the sushi world and the vegan world talk to each other, but I would think a compromise would be possible with some creativity.


I don’t think the issue is with Sushi, in particular (it’s super popular here in the US, and sort of seen as exotic and great for date nights). I think it’s just that the name isn’t very serious sounding. Take MakerDAO and Compound for example, they are very strong names, and they are attracting a different type of DeFi user.

On the flip side, it could be argued that Sushi should keep it’s less serious sounding name. After all it is more of an experimental platform that is willing to take risks.

I’m torn!


Hey, good to know the different background of sushi holder :slight_smile:

Some thoughts on this:

  1. I’m Asian. Both me and most of my U.S. friends like sushi very much. The thing you mentioned is sort of small sample bias.
  2. You mentioned you are a vegan. If you search carefully, there are a bunch of Vegan Sushi for you to choose, eg: avocado sushi, kappa maki, etc.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing money lego with sushi and find your ideal vegan sushi during dinner time ~(≧▽≦)/~


Sushis are also very popular in Canada.

That said, I’m personally seeing areas of improvements possible within the communication / social media presence. For example, I would change Sushi Chef on Twitter to SushiSwap. It confused me at 1st. I thought it was a person (a “chef”).


Advertise in Indonesia, lot of crypto lover here.

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If the name is opposite to what people like, I think it’s even cool cos it will be talked about more and more people will get to know about it. :wink:

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My experience heading marketing at Telos suggested that (a) pure ad $'s are ineffective given the high costs required and low engagement delivered, and (b) the generally terrible service offered by so-called 'influencers. For what’s it’s worth I would stress content-led marketing via effective social media management, and very selective use of influencer spending. Attending in-person events can be very valuable (I ran the Telos @ Consensus and Dcentral events this summer and they were very productive.)