All transaction become fail

I sent transaction several times, but all of this be failed.
I see this message at top of Etherscan page

This transaction was forwarded to Flashbots Protect RPC but was not mined and has expired.

I’ve no idea about this error message.
How can I do it well?

Incidentally, I want to change ETH to SUSHI.


Most likely it is because of the “OpenMev protection” - this feature protects you against sandwich attacks and also offers some gas rebate. But some times transactions just do not go through. You may switch it off - click on the settings icon (on Sushi UI) and you will see OpenMev at the bottom, toggle it off and try to swap again… For better and timely support, please join Sushiswap Discord - SushiSwap Community


Oh ! Thank you!(^o^)/
But another problems occurred again, I haven’t have enough ETH to pay gas fee😭
I didn’t know the price was so high…
I’m a student, so that I’ll be back when I was become to work in the future!

The transactions on Eth mainnet may be quite expensive, but you could try some side chains like Polygon, Fantom and so on or L2 chains like Arbitrum and Optimism, which are much cheaper… especially the side chains.

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We are tracking your issue here: Bug: All transaction become fail · Issue #128 · manifoldfinance/sushiswap-interface · GitHub

you can view the progress here: Manifold Public · GitHub

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Привет, обменял ETH на DELTA, должен был получить 42 DELTA а на кошелек дали всего лишь 4 DELTA, почему не попали остальные токены?

What risks are there for signing the OpenMEV message?

there are no risks - the only risk is some sort of supply chain hack and that would affect every signing method like previously happened with Miso

can you share tx hash?

можете поделиться хешем транзакции?

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We are changing our API to better respond back to end users (you guys) exactly what happened downstream after it gets sent to multiple endpoints, we should have this included in the next week update. This will mean you will have more meaningful responses as to an issue.

Also it appears that for a small number of users that metamask fails to provide a gas price (undefined) and this causes a silent failure, we are fixing this right now. This only seems to affect firefox metamask users we think but we will get a more detailed explanation for you this week.

Please email me at and we will reimburse you, thanks for your patience

Hey guys, im new here so i cant make a new thread.

I registered for this forum 2 hrs ago and got this email with a download link.

Is it a scammer?

that is a scammer , never click such links and always be skeptical. if you have to think to yourself “is this a scam” it probably is a scam! good catch!

I accidentally clicked on it but i dont have any funds in on sushiswap. Am i ok or do i need to get an antivirus app for my phone?