AMA with Core Dev

Recent tweet from Sushiswap

and what was mentioned by AG

We would like to propose an AMA with the Core Dev to get the community a clear picture of the direction of Sushi and answer any questions the community has

  • Should we have an AMA
  • No leave it Core Dev

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removal of core members without forewarning/held in a vote in a dao is wrong

rationale/details behind actions should be disclosed


we would like to request an AMA we can hear it and our utmost important is the plans in the pipeline for Sushi.

It is important to discuss any/all allegations made by AG. In addition, if the removal of 0xMaki was made unilaterally, there needs to be an investigation into how this was allowed to happen without DAO input.

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The allegations made by Twitter user makibacknow also need to be addressed in the same AMA.

If it is true that 0xMaki was forced to effectively leave by management that is extremely bad, especially because it was publicly stated otherwise.


So far I have seen -

I suggest we remain impartial and give the core team a fair chance to explain/defend themselves, to begin. I agree that a thorough AMA is needed as a minimum, the team seems to have a lot to answer for. Show that you are still accountable to the community, as you’re supposed to be.


I agree that this is the right move. Look like we need answers for a lot of things and what has been said so far is just smokes and mirrors. We deserve the naked truth not a PR cover. I agree with the AMA call

Yes, I agree to start the discussion and restore the truth!

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Even without the troubling news, AMA is long long overdue.
I wonder if this topic will get deleted like the previous ones.

Core team answered some questions during last sushi forum call that happened thursday at 17UTC, the replay will be soon available on youtube:

I think the problem is not solved

If the team is for the project, please agree, if it is for the team’s own benefit, please object!

Yes I completely agree, we need an AMA to sort this out. A community call with the core team to talk about this. I’m all about the team having a much stronger say in decision making than us but this is something that is hurting the trust in the team and if they sort it out we could all feel better

Hey everyone. I posted the Sushi Forum #56 which has a few devs answering questions. Feel free to message here or dm me on Discord if you feel we need more on this. We need to make this right with the community. Sushi Forum #56 - Team Follow Up, Flipside back again, Kisha Club Journalists Grant - YouTube


Thanks for the AMA and I appreciate the prompt reaction. However, after discussing this with people close to the matter, I believe further steps are needed to reduce the team’s autonomy and restore the community’s trust. I’ve drafter a proposal accordingly and welcome community feedback - [SIGNAL] Restrict the rights of product team & introduce more transparency into the DAO

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When AMA helded? I have few questions about futures integrating probability