Applying for new positions in marketing / community manager

Hello, regarding the post that details the sushiswap hiring process. It is told to post the candidatures in the forum.

Which would be the correct place to do it? And, is there any way to ensure privacy of information?

This would be not for me, but for my partner , who would be interested in proposing a candidature as junior member in marketing / sales / community management. Is there any private channel to do it? Or someone to speak to?



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Would also love to know! :smile:

I would like to revive this topic. It’s no secret many appreciate the sushi brand yet the community size and recognition is still small.

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From my experience discussing on Reddit, the key headwind is that they view SushiSwap as an inferior product suite because It’s a fork developped by a team external to SushiSwap and in the end, the talent therefore resides within the Uniswap team. This simplified attitude needs to change for good.

For example, I’d like to see that change to SushiSwap = take part in the revolution. The team is global.

I’d like some direction on ways to dig deeper and see if I can help or at least understand what’s being done.


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