"Approve Staking" button not working

Hi, I am new to sushi swap. I just supplied liquidity to sushi party. Now I have the SLP tokens in my coinbase wallet. I press “Approve Staking” and then nothing happens and the “Stake” button does not show up. Any help? Thanks

You swapped for LP tokens, do you need to supply liquidity before you can stake?

(Around 3:06)

Yes, I already did supply liquidity, but the stake button is not appearing.

Step 1 swap, step 2 supply liquidity, step 3 stake. what’s left to do then?

Alright you changed your post… Let me have a look for something.
Share the txn if you are comfortable to, if not. Just let me see what else could be the issue.

Which url are you trying?

Ok delete the txn address.

So I am trying this button, and nothing happens so I cant stake

Yea ok, so “Add Liquidity ETH…” is confusing on the etherscan info, but you just swapped for the LP. Click Add liquidity, then Approve staking, then you can Stake.