Approved router... now i need to swap? how?

I asked this and now its locked: Swap Failed? sushi to eth

I was told: “you just approved the router, you now need to swap.”
and he linked to: “ERC20 Approve/Allow Explained. When using a decentralized exchange to… | by Jordan Randolph | Ethex | Medium

So to swap after approval, does it cost another Ethereum transaction fee?

Sorry if i am dense. I used swap previously and paid the fee - so that was just “approving the router”?
Now do I use the Swap page again on Sushi swap and pay another transaction fee to actually swap?

I read that article and it seems to use a different exchange as an example.

Thanks for any help. Serenity.

Oh, I think i figured out it…
its within metamask…
but the fee is like $80?!?!?!?!?!