Ask 0xMaki to return as CEO


UPDATE: 2/1/22: As original author of this proposal I am withdrawing this proposal. Based on twitter and other interactions we have seen, it is clear Maki is not interested in coming back to helm Sushi at this time and hence feel this post is a distraction.

With news of Daniele stepping down today, Sushi is again, left rudderless. We need someone that the community trusts and someone who deeply understands how Sushi works to take the helm and immediately stabilize the ship. I propose we ask 0xMaki, if he will accept, to return as CEO

Sushi holder vote to elect 0xMaki as CEO of sushi.

Formal vote to ask 0xMaki to return as CEO of Sushi.

No vote. Chart a different path.


  • Yes, 0xMaki please come back as CEO
  • No, we do not want 0xMaki back

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0xMaki has joined Tokemak as the new chief strategy advisor.
Sushi is no longer of interest to him

Maki is an advisor to Sushi what are you talking about

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