Ask FTX to provide liquidity for BULL/BEAR tokens


BULL/BEAR tokens offer +/- 3x leverage on ETH, BTC. LPs can leave liquidity in during high volatility because IL is perfectly hedgeable! Users can get leverage, and short- no dev needed!


LPs of most tokens will pull liquidity during a bear market to avoid IL. Since BULL/BEAR can be hedged, LPs can remain- we get the volume while Uniswap loses!

BEAR tokens offer users a way to hedge alt risk during bear market if they can not sell their illiquid Alts. BULL tokens offer out of the box leverage. No dev, compound integration needed!

We just need our partners at FTX to LP, they are in a unique position to seed this pool.
FTX can lend themselves or others the inventory, and create the tokens tokens as needed, without taking the 3x risk. @SBF this is good for FTX too!


Increase volume, offer products LPs can stay in during bear market.


Need enough likes to get this on SBF’s radar.

  • This is beneficial
  • I don’t see the value

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Make markets on ethereum or solana?
Honestly, Sam is welcome to bring all of his tokens to sushi, but it might eventually conflict with ftx revenue models.

I think FTX would welcome an increase in BULL/BEAR tokens outstanding. They originally listed on Binance, before Binance competed.