AVAX conversion never arrived but says success

Hi. I connected metamask wallet to swap 1 AVAX to TIME and all went well.
When I sent the rest of AVAX, they were converted to WAVAX and see success on the chain explorer. But I cannot see any WAVAX nor TIME in my metamask wallet. All have disappear.
How can I get back the WAXAX on my wallet? Can someone explain please what happened to the 149 AVAX?




if you view your wallet address I can see the TIME in your wallet 0xcDF981fB94db223Ea2aF733E426098Dd569574FD - Avalanche Explorer ; Remember, any time you swap into a new token using metamask you have to manually add the token in the Assets tab(scroll all the way down). Hope that helped


Hi toon, have you got this problem resolve? I had the same issue too, hope someone could help pleasss!!!

Hi, you have to import the token on Metamask as MagicTrutle explained above.

see this : How to Add a Custom Token to MetaMask - yearn.finance

Yes i did, but show nothing

this is the transaction i did

after that, there is another transaction, which i dont know where it went

For the first one: it seems like you experienced high price impact, TIME liquidity is very low on Sushi you should have used traderJoe.

There are warnings and red flags on the UI.

I’m afraid your funds are not recoverable as an arb bot already took the profits from your mistake.

Second one: it’s not the same wallet, not sure what’s the problem on this one.

Hola, me ocurriĂł lo mismo la conversiĂłn AVAX x TIME fue con una perdida del 80% en USD. La advertencia no es clara. Sushi debiera ser mas visible con ella. Somos varios los damnificados.
Podrás explicar la referencia del bot de arb tomo las ganacias?. El bot esta dentro de Sushi?
PerdĂłn si no es correcta mi interpretaciĂłn.

Hi, the bot is not a sushi bot, anyone can create an arb bot.

just dont understand how? If TIME doesn’t have enough liquidity, and the rest of the asset swap to WAVAX, shouldn’t it still be in my wallet?

the second transaction look like is my rest of the asset. but how and where did it go? could you please explain and who can I contact for more support? really appreciate if anyone could help me out on this

If liquidity is low then the swap price will be higher, this is what we call price impact: Price Impact | Alexandria.

If you need more help please join sushi discord: SushiSwap Community.

Dear, thank you for taking the time to respond and the link explaining what happened. It is commendable that beginners are explained what is happening. However, and beyond my responsibility for mistaking the exchange platform, I think it is recommended that the platforms protect beginners in some way and not offer a low liquidity pair.
For the moment I will stay away from Sushiswap

I knew I did a big mistake on this, but like what MGF said sushiswap should protect beginners rather than putting some trap for them. Just don’t get why if there is very little liquidity, why did sushiswap allow us to do a big swap. and clearly the second transaction shown above when to WAVAX. still putting hope that i could recover my asset back

I have checked with support on the discord group. Due to the low liquidity all was lost during the conversion. There should be better warnings on this when trying to covert

Hi @ toon

The same thing happened to me.

I connected my Metamask wallet , and swapped 0.0312 wMEMO for 9.6 AVAX and I have not received the AVAX in my Metamask Wallet. Can you or anyone help me please?

Thank you

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