Bentobox Governance

I align with @YearnestHemmingway where we should deploy Trident first then revisit the governance of Bentobox which is indeed a common ground for everyone to build on top and needs to be neutral. Strategies highlighted by @dangerousfood are extremely sensitive since we don’t want to have any risks emerging from them.

A clear process on how to deploy strategies with actionable steps for teams deciding to build on top should be put together, streamlining it should alleviate any concerns of governance.

I would re-open this discussion early October, thanks @BoringCrypto for sharing this with us.


On its face, I think it sounds good to open and share to grow. But I’d like to see reasons why they have decided against it at this point. It may be a legitimate reason. It may be as simple as they just haven’t had the time to add this feature. Other features may have higher priority.

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This seems entirely reasonable to me. Certainly, safety and security should take precedent over other teams building on top of BentoBox.