Best Practise - How to convert xSushi into ETH, if you want to safe some Revenue

Dear Community,

I am participating in Sushi/Sushiswap since First Day.
I provide Liquidity in LPs, earn Sushis, as Rewards, and Convert them into xSushi,
also since the beginning.

In fact of the reason, that the xSushi price reached an attractive price-level,
I want to put some chips away from the table.
Black Friday & xMas are coming. It’s nothing about the project. This community
is really impressive.

Now my question:

Can someone provide the Best Practise, like

also for other community members in the future, how to do it right,
when you want to convert xSushi into ETH ( for example )

The xSushi price is higher then the SUSHI price.
So converting back from xSushi into SUSHI itself, doesn’t make sense for me.
Or will I get more Sushis, then shown in my Dashboard, when I convert back to Sushi?

Can you support here? Dear Community?

My idea, to do it directly in the Sushiswap Backend trough this link,
doesn’t work, when I receive only 2,1 ETH for 11.400 xSushi :sweat_smile:

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Some Update here:

I just tested, to convert 1000xSushi back to 1000 SUSHI in the backend.
I received 1074 SUSHIs, instead of 1000xSushi.

If i would not review regularly the xSushi Price here
( )

It would not be clear enough, as normal user.

Is this the only way back from xSushi -> Unstake to Sushi -> look regular for best price -> Converting Sushi -> ETH or to stable coins through the Sushiswap Backend?

My recommendation:
Maybe the Core team can optimize the UX/UI on this xSushi Staking Page,
that everyone understands immediately the massive value, you have,
when you stake Sushi -> xSushi. Also, when it comes to the current prices on that page.
Does someone agree on this?


Hello CrazyCrypto,

You can see the difference in xSUSHI to SUSHI via the very cool :

It displays how much SUSHI you would earn when converting back from xSUSHI and also your “profit” out.

Hope to have you back in the Sushibar soon and with v2 coming up instead of cashing out SUSHI you will be able to use your DAI directly :slight_smile:

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