Bonuses for staking are required

Due to the nature of high risk and high inflation , In order to encourage investors, to invest in the long term on the platform and to reduce external supply to foster price increases, it is necessary to increase the staking rewards. This makes the liquidity providers also benefit from the increased price of Sushi.

  • Staking for 3 months reward x0.05
  • Staking for 6 months reward x0.15
  • Staking for 12 months reward x0.48
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Some bonuses are definitely welcomed. I’ve been providing liquidity since week 1. And I can’t call it a pleasant experience.

I think this is a good idea. It’s fair to incentivize LP how are staying committed to the project long-term, despite price swings.

@tranbatot1994 What you suggest is locked stoking? Or you can unstake anytime, but get rewarded if you don’t for a certain amount of time?