Branding Concepts


These are the two visual concepts I have created for the brand based on community feedback. I’d like your opinions on them as to whether we should go forward with one and tweak it, or come up with something else.


I have crafted two basic branding and visual concepts based on community feedback, which stated that being relatable to new users and unique from other platforms are the priorities tied for first place. Based on this and other visual feedback in the survey results I’ve tried to develop two distinct concepts with very different moods.


We need a unified brand - period.


View the concepts here:


Branding is important for any project. We cannot move forward effectively and professionally without a clear visual direction and guidelines.


There is no real reason to not have a brand.


  • Concept 1 - sharp, minimalistic, traditional Japanese aesthetic
  • Concept 2 - modern, colorful, less serious, approachable
  • Scratch them both and try something else

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Like the second one a lot more

I agree with Boring on this one #2 seems better !

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I like the 2 one best as well, but i’m not in love with it. I do really appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm and i would be fine with option 2, i do think we can find a better one though.

Your work has been fantastic so far and can only imagine how much effort it took.

Voted for 1# think the gold and whites could be used to great affect.

I appreciate the feedback - I think based on the results here I can work towards some updates, or something entirely new.

I really like “sushi set 6” from branding concept two moodboard… not sure why but it feels good

the UI concepts for this one (concept 2) dont really fit the moodboard imo… it feels totally different to me. I do like concept 2 better overall

#2 looks much better to me. Thanks for the great work!

Wow, great! Voted for the second one.

I don’t want to be a party pooper, but it would be difficult for a lot of people to visualize this and have an accurate opinion without seeing a mockup.