Bridge compensation for Sushi Core


Pay every member of Sushi Core (except Joseph Delong) 200,000 $SUSHI from the treasury


Every member of the Sushi Core team has contributed to the deployment of 5 new product over the last year. The deserve to be compensated for their hard work in the face of community that only critiques their work.


Pay 200,000 $SUSHI without vesting or lock up to the following individuals of Sushi Core team

  • Tangle
  • Chester
  • Jiro
  • Kastrye
  • Gabe
  • Rachel
  • David
  • LufyCZ
  • Ramin
  • Omakase
  • Ross
  • GoldenNaim
  • Matthew
  • Gasper
  • Sarang
  • ME9
  • Amanda
  • Ilya
  • 0xCabbage
  • For
  • Against

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This proposal is unnecessary, and does not solve anything.


Supportive. And propose the modification that Joseph Delong must be compensated as well, as he is part of the Sushi team.

good proposal, compensation needed, but 0xmaki and Delong and LevX should also receive compensation

Maki, in particular, has shown great resolve and commitment since nomi left
Delong, in particular, has worked on delivering Trident (contracts on github)
LevX, in particular, worked on delivering Shoyu (v0 live) and codebase for Mirin (trident related)

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As @Tangle has said, this doesn’t solve anything. Properly compensating core team members is definitely a priority but we need focus and get the mechanics corrected on making Sushi as a whole more transparent with the community and furthermore incorporate proper accountability when it comes to decision making. Doesn’t mean there needs to be a community vote for every singe thing that’s done behind the scenes… But Sushi should be equal parts core run and community run. i.e. a single person on the core team that’s voted in and the community/holders as a whole. 50/50.

That’s the middle ground of decentralization and proper leadership. And at any point the community can decide to vote said leader out. That is the mechanism for accountability within the system.


As someone who helps lead a DAO and manage contributor comp I am hugely in support of more transparency and elevated compensation for Sushi core.

As proposed this is rushed and suboptimal. The community needs assurance now more than ever that remaining stakeholders will be here for a long time to get Sushi back and kicking ass. I’d suggest lowering upfront to around 25k SUSHI and putting the rest behind an on-chain, community controlled vesting contract with a clawback.

Transparent value alignment will inspire both the community and core team to recover from a stressful and chaotic series of events.

NOTE: I hold almost no Sushi but am a long time fan of the brand, and past and current leadership. This shit is hard and I want to see everyone succeed.

EDIT: shared more thoughts on twitter too


I think this proposal is really really crazy. Its not that we the core contributors deserve this but is this a joke ? The tokens are not even vested. Sushi ecosystem is absolute great but we can’t just decide 19*200.000 sushi. We can do this if those products are real attracting users, so we should at least make some rules when we should reward, and also the best is to reward from the beginning. Anyhow, I am against it.

  • 0xmaki is not on the list ! (The reward he received was for a security issue, for hard working he should at least included)
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Why stop at 200k? Just take the whole treasury at once.
Might as well drop the pretense of community governance in its entirety.


It’s 200k EACH that’s being proposed.

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Maki is still being paid: Sablier | Real-Time Finance

My fear is we are seeing what happens when a core team is constantly taking critiques from a community, when the community is irrational because we do not know what happens behind the scenes. I’d like for the core team to be properly compensated. This post, however, makes it seem that there is some resentment from Joseph and I could totally understand that.

I contend the community requires more transparency. With the caveat, that the community needs to remember the core team are just people and people. Stop beating up your core team.

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Is that real?

Why is Maki being paid still?

Yes and he is dumping sushi everyday

whats this then?

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Full transparency I voted against. I am all for devs getting compensated, and would vote on a reasonable proposal, but this feels a bit hurried to throw together a vote on a random forum and have <100 users (not even necessarily SUSHI holders) vote on distribution of close to $20M of funds.

What happened to SUSHI holders being able to vote on governance? Why isnt this going through that process?


I voted for this – the core team has built the sushi protocol (yes from uniswap but still) from the ground up and enabled the community to rally around it.

We need to make the crypto startup narrative one where builders/employees are rewarded with heavy ownership. At 200k SUSHI each, this rewards ~0.1% of the network to each of the most aligned stakeholders, something that is ~somewhat~ competitive with the traditional startup world.

Without knowing their existing holdings, I would say it should be more, but should also include a long-term vesting contract.

It should be vested so they are incentivized to keep pushing the protocol forward and not just cash out and leave.

This kinda discouce and behaviours make zero sense in the face of the challenges ahead.
Gonna be hard to stay competitive when ppl behave erratically because their feelings are hurt or whatnot.
Makes me sad watching this tbh.

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This is funny :smiley: I hope :upside_down_face:

I’ve said this before on twitter and will repeat it here. SUSHI is currently facing severe existential challenges where the DAO is demanding more input and transparency.

Do NOT brush these under the carpet and victimize yourself and the team, tweeting about how the community won’t approve of a raise. It doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, a mechanism needs to be put in place to address these concerns, appease the community, and make sure the concerns cannot repeat. Otherwise SUSHI loses its most important asset - the highly engaged community that once ran the show.

Once this is done, then it’s a good time to ask to revise compensation, which I will support, if done in a more thoughtful way.

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