Bridge compensation for Sushi Core

The salt from non-contributors is crazy. sushiswap works. Sushiswap has a bunch of great products. There are billions and billions of $ locked and in volume constantly. If you’ve lost money holding sushi, why werent you staking it and yield farming? that sounds like a personal problem

Here’s the truth: there is no traditional fintech company where the top 20 contributors are not pulling out millions in bonuses. For the size and success of sushi, their compensation has been miniscule compared to tradfi. You want to incentivize building on sushi? Pay the people that actually make it exist to build.

If you want to critique this honestly… cool. But its pretty sad if your only participation in governance or anything is to say no dont pay the builders.

I’m supporting this bridge comp


I still think this wasn’t a serious proposal but let’s assume it is…

It is a bit weird that this topic is coming up right now when the core team’s governance issues do drag down the whole project.

Also, I’d assume people working on Sushi negotiated fair salaries, grant payments & bonuses and do not require an extra bonus. Please correct me if I’m wrong as I don’t know the details and can only comment based on the things I saw (0xMaki compensation, Joseph’s tweet, BoringCrypto).

Despite that, nothing works as well as decently constructed incentives and vesting packages.

At Index Coop, there are also negotiations to reward early contributors to the project with 7% retroactively - unlocked - which obviously tanked the price 70%+ in the recent weeks. I think they have very constructive discussions and are moving towards a better model - but bringing such delicate matters in an unsophisticated way to the broader market is a big mistake for any publicly traded project.

As I like to see quality people be rewarded to join and incentivized to keep working at Index & at Sushi, I’d suggest to both projects to set up normal salaries including bonuses and vesting packages that get larger &or extended the longer you stay around and contribute meaningfully.

Besides that, I love when community members can contribute to tech, marketing, projects… whether it is through simple grant work or work that gets fairly compensated retroactively. I hope for Sushi to remain open while moving towards a professional, matrix-structured working group model with Strategy, core tech, marketing/BD, … and would love to see this being properly communicated through the website and other touching points - so anyone understands what they get in, can join and start contributing.

As mentioned, I haven’t been active in the past months here, and consequently don’t know any details but would love some transparency and am happy to contribute one way or another in the future :v:

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Super appreciative of and impressed with all the work the core development team has done this year.

Would be more supportive if there was 2-3 years of vesting attached to this bonus, even if some decent portion, like 20% or 30%, vested immediately. Assuming the team is already paid a market rate for their work + bonuses, that would feel more in-line with compensation at an early-stage protocol vs. immediate $1mm year-end bonuses for the team.

Hater are always going to hate, but definitely want this core team to be highly incentivized to stick around and continue to ship.

Maybe “the CFO” should be the one to draft financial proposals?