Bring Doge onto Sushi with Onsen rewards


Doge fans are tired of centralized exchanges we want to be on decentralized exchanges. Recently have found out about

renDoge Much Wow

I have been using it and works like a dream for Doge fans.


Adding renDoge / wETH , renDOGE/wBTC , renDoge/usdc pairs to the Onsen sushi rewards .This will bring a dedicated Doge community to this platform we are hungry for Sushi and To use SushiSwap.

I love Doge, Doge fans also love Sushi please give us tasty Sushi treats
In the last 24 hours Doge volume has been $5,038,139,401 this is a huge opportunity for the Sushi exchange to take a big slice of the trading volume from evil centralized exchanges

Adding renDoge / wETH , renDoge / wBTC , renDoge / usdc pairs to the Onsen rewards


Very Doge Much Wow


Make Doge Fans Cry Not Wow


Token address

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I think this would capture some of the Meme investing that has been sweeping /r/investing and /r/wallstreetbets as well as support an onramp for those communities to be introduced to defi.

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I find this proposal quite interesting. Perhaps someone can reach out to the Doge team and suggest this idea? I am personally rooting for the meme coin and dying to see how things play out with the current movement.


DOGE x SUSHI WHEN??? ??? ??? ???

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