[Call to action] The next steps forward

In the wake of:

  • Shocking revelation of Sifu’s identity.
  • Daniel’s voluntary resignation
  • Potential lack of quorum for the recent snapshot
  • Fast approaching draconian regulation from White House

I propose

  1. Declare the recent binding vote for the merge of Sushi and Frog Nation to be null and void.

  2. Arrange and execute the Interim Leadership proposal (as suggested by BoringCrypto) no later than 13 February 2022

  3. Establish a Great Brainstorming Convention that will work on 14 day cycle (best suggestion by the end gets to be selected for vote) to iterate on the steps needed to ensure the smoothness of operation and transition to a more sustainable development.

I call upon all those concerned with the future of sushi DAO to convene at once!