Cannot see Sushi Bar for months

Hello everyone!

I have been staking some Sushi for about a year or so, and I used to check the Sushi Bar to see how it was doing. I have staked through both Metamask and Coinbase wallets.

However, for the past few months, I have been unable to see the Sushi Bar for both wallets. This is true for both my PC browser and on mobile.

Every time I try to check, I get a message that says “An unexpected error has occurred.”

Any advice about what’s going on? Thanks!

Edit: this is on ETH network
Edit: this link ( also does not work

UPDATE: Thanks for the help everyone. Turns out you cannot have two wallet extensions on at the same time, or else will not work.

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Hey, that page is depreciated. Couple months, maybe a little less.
You can use boring’s sushibar page: (bentobox dev)
And there will new stats coming to the new analytics.

You can also multiply your xsushi by the ratio, and compare it to the amount you staked.
The difference between the amount of sushi it is worth now, relative to the amount you staked, is what you have earned.

Here’s an example using the ratio to work it out manually, with a screenshot alongside boring’s page:
In this wallet the xSUSHI is 258.5
Multiply by the Ratio: 1.2702
258.5x1.2702 = 328.3467 Sushi
Amounts staked: 6.93 + 291.74 + 11.80 + 10 = 320.47 Sushi
Total gain: 7.874 Sushi


Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, on, when I click “Connect Metamask,” nothing happens. Also, if I replace the “#” with my account number, I just get an error message.

Am I still doing something wrong?

Edit: Clicking “Accounts” in the upper right hand corner and inputing my account number also does nothing.

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What network are you connected to in your wallet?
If not eth, will cause that.

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The wallets are connected to ETH. Each time I try, I get a 404 error.

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Hm, it does just load for me. Firefox/brave.
What browser are you using?
Do you have more than 1 web wallet active?
If so toggle one off.
Have you tried another browser, same in both cases?

I’ve tried both Chrome and Safari, no luck. Tried logging out of both wallets, and still couldn’t connect Metamask. Maybe I should give Firefox a try?

Just tried Firefox, still no luck. Still just a 404 error.

Am I inputting the “#” wrong? I assumed I just replaced the “#” with the wallet address, which is just everything following 0x, right?

It’s including the 0x.
Though I’m not sure if custom address would show you someone else’s.
I am able to recreate the blank screen when looking at a wallet address other than the one I am on in my wallet UI and connected to the site with.

Cannot get the 404.
Clear you cookies and site data by hitting the lock icon top left of url address bar, then reload with ctrl shift r.
If still getting 404, please screenshot. With the console errors tab open.
Right click → inspect → console window, → error tab.

Ah, I figured it out! I had to completely remove one wallet extension in order to get the other to sign on. It seems that just logging out was not enough; the extension had to be turned off.

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it. Having no problems now.

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Even custom address works for me. I was on Polygon for a moment.
Nice yes multiple web wallets active in the same browser, will cause all sorts of issues across sites.

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agree this is annoying. so too is the lack of a helpful message on a substitute page redirecting to the alternate page. any sort of acknowledgement of an issue would be helpful to visiting customers.

these are customer-service type issues that I hope will eventually be a priority in the new, business-focused SUSHIswap organization. I understand this community has more pressing issues at the fore right now.

best wishes for success. keep on a productive path.


Fully appreciate this take.
It is a priority, and I will be sure to bring it up at a next meeting.

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