Can't withdraw from staking

I’m currently staking FOX/WETH and am trying to withdraw from staking so I can retreive my coins from liquidity pool. I go to “Manage Position” - Staking - Withdraw - enter amount - the "Confirm Withdraw button lights up, but nothing happens when I click the button. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

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Hey the rewarder is out of tokens and needs to get refilled on polygon. You can either wait for it to be refilled, should be done within a day or two.

Or you can withdraw by finding the farm on Zapper - Dashboard for DeFi and withdrawing from their since they do not call the harvest function.


@porlix Dude, Thank you for turning me on to Zapper! I did get my problem resolved, and I also found a DeFi utility that I really like. is very intuative and easy to use. I’m just getting started playing with it, but so far it’s awesome. Thanks again, and have a nice day.


I am posting here because the moderation restrictions prevent me from creating a post to get help.

Last night I moved $600 to SushiSwap to stake in the AGLD-WETH LP which showed >10000% APR. I went to sleep after seeing strangely low returns. Woke up to a 6.43% fees APR and a 0% rewards APR.

I spent ~$280 moving, converting, and staking these funds here.
Now I have to spend about ~$350 to withdraw and unstake those funds.

Is there any way I can get help? Either this was an issue with the website, or something shadier (doesn’t seem like SushiSwap would do stuff like that) but the entire liquidity pool is now gone from their site (wasn’t a matter of TVL killing the APR).

Now my funds are stuck following the ~$100 unstake because I don’t have the liquidity to afford gas for the ~$250 withdraw fee.

Is it possible to be refunded because I was basically honeypotted by the site?

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Mod restrictions are because I had to create an account here to get help because I am new to SushiSwap, which has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth after this experience.

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I’m also sorry to hijack this thread but i have a weird problem. My 2 farms on the celo mainet show 0 money on the two pairs, the celo reward is still there but the sushi shows 0. The 1.92 celo i had left on the wallet are still there. The 2 poligon farms i have are normal, and so is my eth balance on the eth mainnet. My wallet shows no transactions in 6 days when i did them. I checked yesterday and the farm was fine, everything was fine. Has it happened to anybody before? Is it a sushibug?

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Today I have the same problem…on farm cUSD-USDC…Reward is growing but under investment is 0…Please help…

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I just checked my farm and everything is back, i guess it was only a temporary glitch from sushi. Made me shit bricks though.

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I have a similar issue => i cant withdraw my SLP tokens (CELO/ WETH) on CELO chain from the Old Farm. So note: this is CELO/ WETHv1, an old farm. Clicking ‘confirm withdraw’ to unstake brings no results at all. I can’t use Zapper because CELO farms aren’t supported. Any idea how I can solve this?

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i have big problem with #sushiswap #withdraw
i simply cannot #withdrawal and #harvestrewards on #sushiswap ANYONE CAN HELP ? #Wftm/ETH pool

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I am staking in tis pool WMOVR/stKSM. I have been able to harvest from this pool, but now I am trying both to harvest or withdraw, but nothing happens when I click the button. It let me to stake more in this pool or in another pool, but it does not let me to unstake or harvest. What can I do?? Thank you for your help.

Hey, the minichef was out of sushi and that caused the problem. It is refilled now and you should be able to withdraw and harvest, please try again.

Hi guys,

can you explain why I can’t harvest from USDC/WMOVR farm?
Sushi token is OK, but WMOVR can’t harvest.
But in the sushi app page I can see the WMOVR amount.

Thanks in advice,

The rewarder is out of wmover. Should be refilled soon and you will be able to harvest all your rewards.

I can’t create new topicand I can’t withdraw from BIOS/Weth Sushi farm
same issue as previous !!!
the reward and withdraw buttons are not working
plz help !!!

no nothing zip
sushi is bad and look like scam !!!

Please come to Sushi Discord server and open a ticket in the #support-ticket channel. You will get all the help needed. SushiSwap Community

Hi. I have an SLP created in April from ETH/ONE in harmony and I cannot unstake or harvest. Any solution?

Hey, you can through Sushi backup

The issue is due to the Harmony bridge being hacked long ago, Sushi tokens have become insolvent on the chain. When Sushi can’t be withdrawn, the UI won’t let people harvest/withdraw from the front. You can do it through our backup UI.

Keep in mind that wOne is going to be worth much less on the centralized exchanges as opposed to Sushi since people are trading into it on Sushi side to dump it on the CEX side.

Hello, I can’t remove WETH/CELO liquidity from CELO chain. The button did light up but I got no response when I click on it. What should I do?