Can't withdraw from staking

I am the user (0x0a71202f52FF501F23bD22D1d24B40C72c8d93fD) of Sushi. I provided liquidity on the ETH/DAI farm (Moonriver netword). Recently, I found that I cannot claim or harvest my rewards of Sushi. Could you help figure out this issue? Thank you.

Hey, Yong. From what I see on your address every attempt you make to harvest the transaction fails due to an ‘out of gas’ error. Your gas limit is set at 21,572. You’d need it higher for the transaction to pass - set it around 135,000 next time you try to fire up a transaction for it and it should work.

Hi, actually, I cannot do anything on the normal Sushi. I think that it is due to the hacked bridge, because I successfully harvested WMOVR on Sushi backup, but SUSHI failed. Do you think that these SUSHI could be recovered on Sushi backup?

Hi, Zapacheenie, please check the picture. I can only click ‘Unstake’ button, but ‘Harvest’ and ‘Unstake & Harvest’ buttons are invalid for me. Thanks.

No that wouldn’t be the case, you just have more Sushi owed than MiniChef staking contract has available to give at the moment. The MiniChefs on different chains get depleted from time to time and need to be refilled with more tokens. Right now there’s only 25 Sushi in there as of this writing. I’ll contact the person who handles that to bridge more in for you. You’ll be fine to claim those when they’re available.

Only bridge that was ever hacked was for Harmony network, not Moonriver so you’re good.

Hi, Zapacheenie, the issue is fixed up now. I have successfully claimed the rewards of SUSHI. Thanks a lot.

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I am having a withdraw issue as well. I unstaked, got the SLP coins, but when i try to convert it back it VIA meta metamask, it just keeps telling me to set spending.

did this 6 times, each time taking some gas.

any help would be appreciated

Thank you

@yangif Try using the legacy version of the Sushi app to bypass the issue there. If you are having issues there for whatever reason, I would recommend coming to the Discord and opening a support ticket - I can help whip up a direct removal from the block explorer if all else fails.

Can’t withdraw BNBUSDT pools from legacy and new UI.

This is a waiting transaction ID which I can’t witdraw 0x604995c30f90f8f49162afcece25105a9cc9a602d9eba18612d6b3545b3697f1

There’s no transaction here - go to the Discord and make a support ticket.

Same issue here wtf. Backnin december it was saying a day or 2. SMH

I am having a similar problem. Back in late 2020 I set up a lend to the NMR/WETH pair and totally forgot about it. When I look today there’s about $8.2k of token in there. But I can’t get to it anywhere. How can I get to these funds? Says they are on Kashi but when I go there, there’s no such pair listed.