CB Recruitment - Jared Grey

You are!

Not sure of exact date but it will be before end of year

It looks like I made the two statements several days apart.

In the first statement, I’m basically saying if we decide to pay you, we probably shouldn’t have a continuing relationship in the future due to lack of transparency.

In the second statement, I’m basically saying that I don’t think we should pay you for Jared’s referral, in which case I’d respect your flexibility, and would look favorably upon future referrals. All of which I’d definitely expect we’re made aware of well in advance of voting.

You may not have been paying attention to Sushi’s finances recently, but things are not particularly good. We have to make hard and unpopular decisions.

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jared hired you to find him a job, sushi didn’t hire you to find a head chef
you weren’t asked by the dao, you didn’t have any deal with the dao.
your client is Jared, get your money from him you goons.

no deal, you never had a deal, you never had a price tag, you never had a request for work, you never provided a quote, you came after the fact asking for money.

bro you did bad business and you don’t get paid after the fact for that - also it doesn’t really reflect that well on your operation if you’re burning resources and time without even securing a request for work, that’s just poor form.



do yo have any thoughts on sucking off the world governments being the new kewl? jared built a defense system for the united states military maybe he can do the same for us a nested version that protects US CITIZENS?

nest that shit jared! GO HOGS!

sidenote - tacobells mexican pizza is shit and they need to stop shoving it in everyones face its grosser than it was 20 years ago

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The "deal’ we had was that we could present our case on an AMA and get a snapshot vote if either of our candidates was successful. That will happen. You can vote. That’s how a DAO works.

We did and you know that we did, you have posted on that thread CBR and our Head Chef's Introductions so far :) - #20 by Web3connector

It was actually 13 days before the vote started, see 5 posts above.

Maybe, maybe it’s bad business to not want to pursue a long term relationship with us. The community will decide, not you or me.

Have you watched either of the Sushi Forums we were on? If you have and you think we reflect poorly on our organisation then fair enough, you can’t please everyone. I hope that as you have gone to some effort to speak against our proposal that you have at least taken the time to understand what we are all about.


Need a sushi moonman shirt and a sushi hoodie(zip up please) in your cb store please and thank you.


I’ll see what I can do…

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