CBR and our Head Chef's Introductions so far :)

It was lovely to finally meet all of you at Sushi and get the go-ahead from @Neiltbe to post about this.
I’m Jay, and you can find more details about me on my LinkedIn profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaywongcb/).
I work with CB Recruitment (https://cbrecruitment.com), a specialist blockchain recruitment company that is a subsidiary of Coin Bureau (https://www.youtube.com/c/CoinBureau).

CB Recruitment provides top-tier Web3 talent by leveraging our contacts in the Web3 space. We have worked with notable projects like FTX to provide the best candidates for high-level positions.

We’ve followed the Head Chef discussion for a while and were greatly interested. Subsequently, we decided to help Sushi by throwing our hat in the ring to present top-tier Web3 talent from our database at CB Recruitment. You can find the thread at Elect SuperGenius to Head Sushi Chef/CEO Position - #8 by Web3connector

After that, I met with @tangle and @Neiltbe to discuss how we can help Sushi find the perfect person for the Head Chef position.
Subsequently, we hope you agree that we have identified two excellent candidates. We believe both have the necessary skills and talent to become a high-performing Head Chef for Sushi to drive the project to new heights of success.

The Candidates

In closing, if either candidate is elected to be the next Head Chef, CB Recruitment terms are 30%, payable in 7 days.

Once again, it’s been a pleasure to be part of the Sushi community. We are excited to monitor Sushi’s development, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

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So there’s a 30% premium if your recommended candidate is appointed?


I’d assume this commission would come out of their candidate’s salary. Also it seems like an agreement between them and their prospective candidate to sort out. Not sure why Sushi would need to be involved in this. I think @JiroOno mentioned Sushi would pay $10k to anyone bringing in a new Chef so maybe that’d be payable from the Sushi coffers?

If your candidates choose to honor your agreement to give you 30% of their salary then it would make sense for them to handle that matter. It seems like a steep cut, hopefully they signed something for your sake.

Also how do I get your job? Anybody looking for work feel free to DM me and I’ll do some google searching for 30% of your wages.

In all seriousness though, if you did send these candidates to us and they didn’t just see Sushi’s marketing team’s campaign, well done! They seem excellent. Much respect.


Hi Robot

Thank you for your reply, our fee would be due in addition to the candidate’s salary, and went over everything with some of the team running the process before being allowed to submit candidates, thank you for your kind words regarding the candidates we have put forward. I noticed recently that Jared proposed (off his own back- that he’d be happy to publicly renounce his severance back to the treasury if elected - Head Chef Finale - Proposed Timelines - #4 by jaredgrey)

Typically, executive search firms charge the employer between 25 - 33% of the estimated total annual compensation a candidate is expected to receive in their first year in the position, so we’re actually pretty competitive in this regard. The web3 industry as a whole is extremely understaffed, underexperienced and oddly competitive even at community management levels, let alone for CEO candidates.

We truly want Sushi to succeed, and that’s why we’ve presented two excellent candidates who’ve come from reliable hard work that we’ve put in to find, vet, and work with them to deliver people who we believe will bring Sushi’s success to new heights, and naturally we, the same as any other service look to remunerate ourselves for the great work we do and not impact the CEO level candidate’s expectations of their own salary for an exceptionally challenging but exciting new role

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Feels like this is something we should have considered a month or two ago. But we have several nominated candidates we’re choosing from in the very near future. Great to have this info for the future, but not sure we need it at the moment.

Also, the link to one of your candidates above doesn’t work.


To clarify then, does this mean Sushi would be looking to pay out 30% of the base salary of $500k? So $150k to CBR if one of their candidates is chosen? Or does the 30% apply to the Sushi the Head Chef would receive as well?

The Sushi Team should probably be highlighting this extra cost in the snapshots for the candidates it’s applicable to going forward to ensure DAO voters are aware of this potential additional expense going forward, yes/no? @JiroOno , @ImSoftware @Neiltbe , @Tangle ?

It wasn’t agreed to as of yet in the latest Snapshot which indicated a cost of $500k as the base salary. Unless it is intended that those candidate’s base salary will be reduced by that $150k to make that vote sufficient.


apologies, not sure why this wasn’t working - here you are for Jared Grey

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True, but both of my candidates because they are fantastic human beings, have offered to forego their severance package (valued at $250k) if elected and more, finding great people and people who have Sushi’s best interests at heart as well as able to deliver is where we excel, and I think this is clear from their unwaivering commitment to the cause shown here - so whilst I appreciate our fee can seem like it’s an extra expense, we’re actually bring more mutual benefit to the DAO but putting great people who can offer things like this because their hearts are in the right place - so the net benefit is actually +$100k to Sushi when you take account of the candidates foregoing of the severance package and our fee

Original thread linked here

While I agree they’re both excellent candidates and am not trying to fault them. Optimistically no Head Chef candidate would really be exercising the severance package in the first place. I think most would agree that the likelihood that the right candidate for the role would utilize the severance package would be improbable. I think it is a far stretch to call this a net gain of 100k for Sushi’s coffers.

I think it is reasonable to expect that this additional cost is indicated in Snapshots since it goes above the $500k voted on and not all voters regularly frequent all forum posts. That was why I suggested it.


Interesting proposal, but seems to late

Jared and I have both agreed to forego the severance package and I have suggested a very simple package: base pay and token award (already voted on) and nothing more. I would hope the other three candidates will agree so you will not need a vote. The upside for all is a rising token price which I believe I can deliver by focussing on Sushi’s key mission - being the best AMM.


This feels strange - introducing a recruiter’s fee, late in the process after introducing 2/5 of the qualified candidates. I do not have an issue with using a recruiter, would have wished it was more transparent.

Recruiting can be good and leads to strong candidates - but it is expensive

It seems you spoke with the Sushi team before introducing these two candidates.

What is next? Are we as token-holders required to vote on this fee? Is the fee automatically deducted?

Seems harmful to introduce this information this late, especially as they are still up for consideration.

If the decision is to either go with the two that will cost the DAO an extra 30% of the salary ($150k), or the other three that don’t, the choice feels pretty obvious.