Clarification on alleged criminal background of SUSHI's involved people


it arises to my attention from Twitter and from SUSHI’s Discord the following references alleging that one of the key persons involved in Frog Nation, and consequently now in SUSHI already having an active role in the core team, could have been involved into verified financial criminal activities.



Insider story of QuadrigaCX: Michael Patryn – Amy Castor

Supposedly DeFi wallet: DeBank | Your DeFi wallet

This post is about asking for clarification for the community health, in order to:

  1. Remove any doubt that those information aren’t true
  2. That SUSHI’s involvement with Frog Nation / Wonderland doesn’t include criminally charged people in financial fraud schemas

Starting from the fact that ones should be considered innocent, unless proven guilty, the only question that must be is answer with all the reliable proof to ensure trust in the project are:

Was 0xSifu reported in the above mentioned link, involved in QuadrigaCX ?

I hope the entire allegations are untrue, that there was mistakes in the identification of the persons between their nicknames and real names and that trust and confidence in SUSHI would not be harmed.


Weeks behind on this story my dude. There was a time when there were discussions about involving them. This story broke a long crypto-time ago and they are not involved with Sushi.

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Great to bring it to up and yea it is well known at this point.

Yeahh, those revelations are the crux as to why the Frog Nation proposal fizzled out. Sifu and other people from that ecosystem have been removed of their positions - only people left now remaining with any roles are the volunteer moderators from the Discord (the Jirayas).

They were pretty helpful in holding things down when Joe revoked permissions from us during his petty outburst, were never aware about the foul play involved in Wonderland, and have proven themselves responsible with the powers. For all of that, I personally don’t mind that they retain their powers. They’re good folks.

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Good to hear, also enjoying the naruto like titles

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