Clover Finance x SushiSwap Proposal


Deploy SushiSwap on Clover Blockchain and Integrate SushiSwap with Clover Multi-Chain Wallet

What’s Clover?

Clover ( is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

● The Clover blockchain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. Infrastructure made ready for scaling dApp in the multi-chain universe. It’s also one of the parachains that connects to the Polkadot.

● Clover Wallet is an important medium for redirecting traffic and increasing usage of Clover Chain. The Clover wallet is a Multi-Chain All-in-One wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, Gaming purposes.

Clover Wallet currently has a user-base of 250,000+ with over 450,000 in the cumulative downloads. Last month in Dec 2021, there were over 1.25 Million total transactions conducted via Clover Wallet, daily active user (DAU) averaging as 130,000 and 9 transactions performed per each user.

With our multi-dimensional products lineup, including Multi-Chain Wallets, Clover dApp Interaction Protocol, Clover EVM and Universal Cross-Chain Support, Clover uniquely positioned itself as “Passport to the Omniverse.”

Why SushiSwap?

SushiSwap’s expansion and growth to multi-chain have been massive, now supporting more than 13 public blockchains across ecosystems, making it easily one of the most successful protocols that lives ahead of the time in the multi-chain future.

SushiSwap also offers a full suite of DeFi solutions. From token swap to NFT, SushiSwap has it all. It will be a great addition to Clover’s ecosystem.

At Clover, we share the same belief, multi-chain and one-stop solution. Multi-chain is the inevitable future that everyone should embrace to become, and one-stop solution provides users with greater ease-of-use.

With a steadily growing user base, we believe SushiSwap’s deployment on Clover is going to be mutually beneficial to users of both.

Ease-of-Deployment on Clover

Being a fully EVM compatible chain, SushiSwap can easily deploy with minimal efforts and change on Clover. Instruction and example code can be found on

Clover Multi-Chain Wallet has had many existing integrations with other DEXs in the past, so it will be easy to get onboard with SushiSwap.

SushiSwap on Polkadot

Clover being one of the first Polkadot Parachains, it is positioned uniquely within the Polkadot ecosystem. Unlike other EVM-compatible chains, it’s both EVM and Polkadot native, such that it acts as a gateway of both ecosystems.

Deploying SushiSwap on Clover is one way of accessing great potentials on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Proposal & Timeline

  1. The community determines if deploying Clover Blockchain and Integrate Clover Wallet worthwhile

  2. The Clover team working closely with SushiSwap to deploy SushiSwap on Clover Testnet and Clover Kusama-Net Testnet. Finalize Clover blockchain and wallet testing with SushiSwap

  3. Formal introduction of SushiSwap to Clover Mainnet, Clover Kusama-Net Mainnet and Clover Wallet

In addition, a grant of 50,000 Sushi from the SushiSwap treasury, grant of 2,500,000 CLV tokens (0.25% of total genesis supply) and 2,500,000 Clover Kusama-Net tokens (0.25% of total genesis supply) from the Clover Foundation are also proposed. These tokens will be used to accommodate the proposed testing, implementation and bootstrapping of the protocol. The distribution of these funds will be done via the native Clover on-chain multisig module, and collectively stored in a multisig wallet.

The Clover team is excited about the shared vision of both teams, and looking forward to working with the SushiSwap community on this project


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  • Yes - Bring it alive
  • No - Maybe later

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Can’t wait to see this. Sushi is becoming the center of swap with this polkadot - clover integration!


+1 Waiting for clover integration


Let’s do it, will open to the biggest integrated wallet, a lot of blockchain and defi will be easier to handle


I am waiting for Clover integration


Best pair for sure it will rocketing


Sushi already has access to the Kusama ecosystem through its deployment on Moonriver, and the Polkadot ecosystem with its planned deployment on Moonbeam.

What, if anything, would a deployment on Clover bring to Sushi that Moonbeam wouldn’t already bring?

Are there any dapps currently deployed on Clover?
Does Clover have any of the required developer tools for Sushi to deploy?


This is really going to interesting


I can’t wait for this integration to happen! Exciting days ahead for the sushiswap community


We need clover finance X sushiswap proposal

I’d really love to see SushiSwap integrate with Clover multi-chain wallet…



First of all, thank you for your good questions! We anticipated many SushiSwap community members would have questions like this.

What, if anything, would a deployment on Clover bring to Sushi that Moonbeam wouldn’t already bring?

To have the ability to choose between multiple options is one of the best things about Web3.0 - we are no longer bound to a single “big tech” cooperation to do anything. Now we can freely choose what to use, and what not to. Polkadot is certainly offering a more open option for cross-chain interoperability, multi-chain connectivity, and communications. It doesn’t mean one or the other.

For added value, Clover is positioned uniquely in the Polkadot ecosystem. We already have an existing user base with Clover Wallet app. We believe Clover Chain’s adoption and expansion will be more efficient. Integration of SushiSwap will be a mutually beneficial move.

Aside from all above, one major difference of Clover is the combination of a one-stop user experience that Clover is trying to deliver, which includes the Cross-Chain, Multi-Chain Wallet, Interactive dApps protocol and EVM governance. Clover supports universal cross-chain including the two-way between public blockchains and Clover Chain, Clover ERC20 and Parachains. Other than that clover has came up with lots of innovation regarding EVM economic incentives (ie. developer incentive program, low fee transaction scheme) and EVM with governance (ie. gas fee, smart contract management, upgradeable smart contract). These combined are Clover’s vision.

Are there any dApps currently deployed on Clover?

We have a strong partnership lineup with Clover Wallet integrations, of which many will be onboarded with Clover’s Parachain Chain. We can’t announce anything at the moment due to regulatory processes and agreements, but the Clover community members will be the first to know. Please join us and stay tuned if you are interested!

Does Clover have any of the required developer tools for Sushi to deploy?

Clover is an EVM-compatible chain, therefore deploying SushiSwap on Clover Chain should be no different from deploying on any other EVM-compatible chains. We have all the developer tools ready and we know SushiSwap’s team is very experienced (SushiSwap is already on 15 chains, quite an achievement!).

If the proposal is voted for, both teams will work together to get the integration and bootstrap done as smooth soon as possible.

We hope this answers your questions. Thank you!


yes, it is a unique opportunity to not miss within the Polkadot ecosystem !

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This is seems like it is going to be one of the largest project on polkadot ecosystem.clover x sushi swap, the teams are doing a great job


This is really interesting.

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Güzel proje devamı gelmeli

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Selam herkese bol kazançlar dilerim.

Will love it to come through, Super integration and cooperation with Clover and SushiSwap Protocol.

We see Clover as a main candidate for enabling multichain defi in the future. Their tech stack will allow for interoperability across existing public blokchains, the Clover blockchain and parachains. We believe this to be a great move for Sushi and we’ll be voting in support.

No brainer. Clover team are great, and have been anticipating their mainnet launch for some time.