CLV x SushiSwap Proposal [Updated Apr 2022]


Deploy SushiSwap on CLV Parachain and Integrate SushiSwap with CLV Multi-Chain Wallet

What’s CLV?

CLV (, previously Clover Finance) is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

  • The CLV Parachain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. Infrastructure made ready for scaling dApp in the multi-chain universe. It’s also one of the first parachains that connects to the Polkadot.

  • CLV Wallet is an important medium for redirecting traffic and increasing usage of CLV Chain. The CLV wallet is a Multi-Chain All-in-One wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, Gaming purposes.

CLV Wallet currently has a user-base of 250,000+ individuals with over 500,000 in the cumulative downloads, conducting millions of transactions each month.

With our multi-dimensional products lineup, including Multi-Chain Wallets, CLV dApp Interaction Protocol, CLV EVM and Universal Cross-Chain Support, CLV uniquely positioned itself as “Passport to the Omniverse.”

Why SushiSwap?

SushiSwap’s expansion and growth to multi-chain have been massive, now supporting more than 13 public blockchains across ecosystems, making it easily one of the most successful protocols that lives ahead of the time in the multi-chain future.

SushiSwap also offers a full suite of DeFi solutions. From token swap to NFT, SushiSwap has it all. It will be a great addition to CLV’s ecosystem.

At CLV, we share the same belief, multi-chain and one-stop solution. Multi-chain is the inevitable future that everyone should embrace to become, and one-stop solution provides users with greater ease-of-use.

With a steadily growing user base, we believe SushiSwap’s deployment on CLV is going to be mutually beneficial to users of both.

Ease-of-Deployment on CLV

Being a fully EVM compatible chain, SushiSwap can easily deploy with minimal efforts and change on CLV. Instruction and example code can be found on

CLV Multi-Chain Wallet has had many existing integrations with other DEXs in the past, so it will be easy to get onboard with SushiSwap.

Cross-Chain Bridge to CLV

CLV has announced integration partnerships with top cross-chain bridge protocols, including MultiChain and Celer, both of which will be facilitating asset cross-chain from other public blockchains to CLV Parachain. This will further enables liquidity depth on CLV Parachain.

SushiSwap on Polkadot

CLV being one of the first Polkadot Parachains, it is positioned uniquely within the Polkadot ecosystem. Unlike other EVM-compatible chains, CLV’s dual-chain infrastructure is both EVM and Polkadot native, such that it acts as a gateway of both ecosystems.

Deploying SushiSwap on CLV is one way of accessing great potentials on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Proposal & Timeline

  1. The community determines if deploying CLV Blockchain and Integrate CLV Wallet worthwhile

  2. The CLV team working closely with SushiSwap to deploy SushiSwap on CLV Testnet and CLV Kusama-Net Testnet. Finalize CLV blockchain and wallet testing with SushiSwap

  3. Formal introduction of SushiSwap to CLV Mainnet, CLV Kusama-Net Mainnet and CLV Wallet

In addition, a grant of 2,500,000 CLV tokens (0.25% of total genesis supply) and 2,500,000 Clover Kusama-Net tokens (0.25% of total genesis supply) from the Clover Foundation are also proposed. These tokens will be used to accommodate the proposed testing, implementation and bootstrapping of the protocol. The distribution of these funds will be done via the native Clover on-chain multisig module, and collectively stored in a multisig wallet.

Why Resubmit the Proposal?

For those who don’t know, previously we submitted a proposal (Link: Clover Finance x SushiSwap Proposal) and received overwhelmingly positive support from SushiSwap community members, we feel extremely grateful.

Amid the release of new Wallet apps and Parachain EVM, Clover Finance is rebranding to CLV in pursuit of an easier approach to a wider audience group. Because of this, we decide to update some information in this proposal to reflect the change and want to re-address the commitment we put through to this proposal.

The CLV team is excited about the shared vision of both teams, and looking forward to working with the SushiSwap community on this project.


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No brainer! Clover team are great and we’ve have been anticipating their launch for quite some time.

Hi @Clover_Research, appreciative of you refreshing the proposal and returning to the forum.

CLV seems like a good opportunity to expand Sushi into the Polkadot ecosystem - and timely.

Have a brief question about the numbers below:

What is the average # of TXs for a user?

Finally - besides dev resources what else is required of the SushiSwap team? Seems mostly testing, deployment, and a bit of marketing.

Excited to learn more about the development of your project!

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