🍣coin.eth (community owned decentralized website)


I would like to make a request for a sushi grant/partnership of sorts to create a decentralized website for the sushi community out of the :sushi:coin.eth domain NFT.

To help illustrate I have wrapped the :gorilla:coin.eth NFT and fractionalized the NFT into 1,000,000 ERC20 tokens ($:gorilla:). The domain is pointing to a decentralized website on IPFS https://🦍coin.eth.link

•I would like to develop :sushi:coin.eth and wrap it similarly to :gorilla:coin and distribute the ($:sushi:) to be distributed to the sushi community.
•The $:sushi: would carry voting rights to sell the underlying :sushi:coin.eth NFT (and vote on the minimum reserve price).
• If the $🍣 holders sell the NFT then the $🍣 would be redeemable for the % of ownership in the NFT.

Grant - Amount/Use:
•If approved I would transfer 80% of $🍣 fractionals to Sushi and request sushi create the initial $🍣 LPs on sushi with approved grant funds.
• The amount of the Sushi grant be proportional to 80% of the initial reserve price of the :sushi:coin.eth NFT/website determined by the sushi community during the process of this grant request.
• The LPs created by the grant funds should only be removed by sushi upon sale of the NFT providing for a liquid market for the $🍣

/s/ :sushi:coin.eth