Community election of new interim CEO

After the departure of @0xMaki as CEO of Sushi, it wasn’t clear who was taking over. In the absence of a clear mandate from the community the existing team members moved on, but the decision making processes aren’t very open and transparent to the community. On top of that there’s friction between team members, that is messy to solve without clear leadership.

We can get into endless mud slinging, but none of this is ultimately productive for the project to move forward and grow.

In the end, Sushi is a community owned project.

I propose that the community elects a new interim CEO for a period of 6 months. I don’t think this should be the final state. There are many good ideas about what the future structure could or should look like, but I don’t think can be reached directly from the current state. We need some strong leadership to take us there.

Since this person will be elected by the community, they will have the mandate from the community to make any changes they feel needed to put Sushi back on track.

Anyone can nominate themselves on this forum post to become the new CEO. Your nomination here can include your pitch: “Why should you be the CEO of Sushi?”

To make the list you need at least 10 likes. A week from now a snapshot will be created with all the nominations and will be open for voting for 1 week.

To attract talent we need to compensate fairly. I propose a 100,000 SUSHI salary for the 6 months + 100,000 SUSHI locked for 2 years.

  • Yes
  • No

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Agree, but from my point of view, it’s too fast.

  • First, we have to fix all current issues.
  • Second, we have to set up the legal entity.
  • Third, we can elect a " CEO "

How can any issues be solved if the current team is fragmented and has no community mandate?

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It seems this proposal fix the issues :


This proposal looks nice. But it isn’t clear how we can go from here to there. Implementing something like this would take months, even with good leadership. Once the community elects a new CEO, the community could vote on this structure as the preferred way forward and the CEO could make it so. Muddling on in the current form will just see more people leave and more internal and external conflict, which I’d really not like to see as a community member and holder of a reasonable bag.


With good will, this proposal can be voted on within a week, and implemented within a month.

It’s clear that the community doesn’t like the idea of ​​an almighty CEO other than 0xMaki.

I agree, a lot of team members are leaving, but just like a new CEO, new members will come sooner or later.

I have the impression that since the internal problems have been brought to the fore, “vultures” are trying to grab sushi by pretending that it is for the good of the community, when in reality , it is only in their best interests.

My will is to fix what has been broken, everything has been put on the table, and then, even this unfortunately has to take time, potentially electing a CEO.

I agree with the structure proposed by Arca & Dialectic (Arca which owns more than 10% of the supply), and I think we can implement it quickly.

As proof, we had already started the migration a few weeks ago.

I understand your wish to move forward extremely quickly, but in my eyes, being an intern and knowing all the issues, that would be shooting yourself in the foot.

But it’s up to the community to decide, of course! After all, let’s keep in mind that it all started because of a lack of transparency.


Of course we would need at least one person that wants to be CEO :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fair point, even more with all legal implications if the new CEO is located in USA.

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We need to fetch back the time, they’ve stolen from us.

VirtuaLeader 2021, Sushi CEO - Candidate


Absolutely agree, that implementing this proposal would take months, if it even get approved…just watch the “entity” part bringing this house down.

Do you reallly think these changes could be implemented within a month?

For me it’s really hard to judge it from the outside.
If I had to guess I would think an interim CEO could be beneficial while the restructure takes place.
So my gut feeling says “yes an interim CEO would be great”

But as I said, it’s hard to judge from the outside. If you really can get it done within a few months, especially without halting the work on projects that are beeing worked on right now, then doing it without a new CEO overseeing things is fine as well.

There’s a number of issues within Sushi right now. Leadership is definitely one of the pressing ones, markets do not like uncertainty.


I think that the most difficult is the creation of a legal structure corresponding to our needs, even more because we already have assets that we must therefore logically justified.

I am sure that Arca, a dedicated law firm and other competent people will be able to accompany us on this transition which should not last more than a month once the proposal is voted on.

Regarding the team itself, I see no difficulty.
It is clear that teams are already in place for each of the products, we just have to organize with the community the election of representatives and set up the new multisig.

With willpower, this can be done fairly quickly.

It is obvious that the current organization is leading nowhere.

From my point of view, the “CEO” must have a medium and long term vision of what Sushi should be. To be honest with you and the community, I deeply regret the choice of all-round privileged liquidity providers rather than focusing on volume, and the fact that, again this is my personal point of view, users want a Binance-like experience.

But, being the CEO of an organization in which the community plays an important role does not imply absolute power, it should absolutely be avoided.

This therefore includes a re-design user interface, a mobile application, and strong partnerships with certain projects to launch marketing operations that will be beneficial to us and from which the community can also benefit.

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I hope you realise what a huge risk a registered entity will be… Especially if this entity is funded through Sushiswap treasury


apologies for this,

but if 0xMaki is not available, I vote to elect ImSoftware as the next interim CEO.


I also think we should elect temporary heads to lead sushi and implement new structures.

We (samurais and some core dev and community members) were proposing to elect 3 CEOs instead of one to manage power/leadership.
People I would like to see become the temporary CEO or CEOs: ImSoftware, Tangle, Maki (will most likely not happen), JiroOno and Ross Campbell.

I think they should be properly compensated but 200k SUSHI is a bit to much for 6 months especially if the CEO is already a core team member with an existing compensation.
I think we could align incentive with UMA KPIs, based on the implementation of a new structure and shipment of trident (need to figure out technical details and creation of the option).
Could be: 20k SUSHI per CEO by default and 100k SUSHI if new structure and trident shipped no vesting or lockup.

Addind some polls to gauge community sentiment.

  • 1 CEO
  • 3 CEOs/leaders

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  • 100k SUSHI + 100k locked for 2 years
  • UMA KPIs option (or agreement with SUSHI DAO if not possible): 20k or 100k (no lockup) depending if goal accomplished

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I propose to elect @0xMaki , @0xTangle and @MatthewLilley (New CTO) as the initial community representative.


I agree we need a CEO and I agree all the individuals you have listed are very qualified. My concern is how this will distract from their current roles. Currently it is my opinion team members are taking on too many roles at one time and spread too thin.

I feel one individual should move to the CEO position full-time for a minimum period of 6 months after a minimum 1 month transition period where someone is hired to replace the new CEO’s current position. I think multiple CEOs will cause additional work /conflicts as it is proposed as a temporary position.

The 200k sushi should be divided in equal payments over the 6 month period.

There should also be two additional part-time director roles delegated to members that cannot transition at this time from their current position with additional pay to those roles. The directors would work on supporting the CEO in restructuring and team expansion.

The CEO can make the final decision with guidance from core and directors with overall focus on advancing the long term vision for restructuring and expanding team numbers.

I nominate Tangle as CEO.

I think the director positions should be handled by one of the individuals you have listed.


First we need to get the whole organization stucture together before we hire another dictator


But it’s a must.
I’m a part of people who think that it’s better to speak with the regulator and try to do the best to respect the rules, instead of remaining anonymous and waiting for investigations, problems, fines and maybe worse.

I’m in favor for @MatthewLilley, if he wants of course !
He is a hard worker, he is deeply involved, he has a strong background, he is appreciated by everyone.