Community election of new interim CEO

i think having a CEO is a big slap in the face to decentralisation, when you dont even have a document related to how the company functions in the first place
i think that the support of samurais on this proposal is kinda shady, they are quick to move when its about payment, slow when its about transparency
they want credit and they want payment they dont care about decentralised ideals that we vote on and agree as common

Can you clarify this proposal with an ideal job description for this role?

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I think each applicant has the opportunity to explain what their plans are. I/we aren’t in a position to define this role or limit it in certain ways… because I’m not the community and I can’t claim to speak for the community. Which is why I kept the proposal as simple as possible. Just let anyone pitch their proposal (incl. existing ‘leadership’, Arca, Dani, Samurais, etc) and let the community decide.

But first we need to get a snapshot vote to see IF the community supports electing a way forward or prefers to just keep the status quo and wait. Because again, we can’t be a community owned project if we don’t consult the community.

The incident has been so long, why not initiate a snapshot vote? What is the core doing? Can’t you hear the voice of the community?

Understandable if we are asking someone to fill a significant role like this. We should have some guidelines and expectations. I was more so going off the consensus in the last four calls for a collectively crafted job description for CEO.

Misalignment of expectations can have someone pitching for a role with no idea of it fully entails. I feel it’s best to leave no room for interpretation.

Perhaps after the vote on whether sushi wants a CEO, the next community task is crafting the standards and expectations applicants can use when pitching


Completely understand where you are coming from. Personally I have many ideas of what kind of person we should hire, what their role should be, what they should focus on, etc. I would love to define standards and rules to ensure ‘better’ candidates. And I’m sure many other people have these ideas and we won’t all agree. And there is no way to come to a community consensus on this public forum or on discord, etc.

To keep things really simple (so we don’t lose months bickering over details) I think it makes more sense to have each party that brings a proposal simply answer all questions on how THEY will do things. And if the community votes for it, then that’s what the COMMUNITY wants. Not what I want, not what you want, because we’re just one of many many voices in the community.

So the idea of this proposal is to let anyone and everyone pitch themselves and their plans for Sushi. We all will like some pitches and hate others. This is the basis of a community run project. And whatever plan the community votes in to take Sushi forward I’ll have to accept. And if I really don’t like it, I’m free to sell my share in the DAO and simply leave the community. Unlike countries, where you’re mostly locked in, with Sushi everyone is free to join and leave as they see fit.

not really free to join or leave - first mover advantage is in the hands of those that came here early, been hiring and defrauding or attempting to defraud investors;

They either facilitate shady takeovers from the competitors (wonderland) that want to pull products of the market (xSushi) or they ask the hires to hand over funds from the investor’s pot (omakase fraud). Or they just take it from the pot and then see what the rest think (omakase fraud, part 2). Of course, if they have enough power access to the team to just confirm the transaction

i have this belief that if one also goes out and points the evidence that supports “hostile takeover” claims or “conspiracy to commit fraud” claims against people that do that (e.g. omakase and you), they get censored

Well, it’s time to vote for this snapshot!

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agree!This is the key to get everything back on track!

Omakase will prevent this from happening!

Because he doesn’t know it, he just putting seeds of mistrust…

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Sushi is still “drifting”, there’s recent controversies surrounding Frog nation, no snapshot votes have passed quorum about leadership.

So I request again that this proposal goes to Snapshot as a simple vote:

Should we hold open elections for an interim CEO?

  • Yes
  • No

I hold about 200k SUSHI to back up this request. Let’s bring Sushi back under community control and away from all the greedy hands wrestling for power… so the focus can go back to building, not endless drama.


Matthew for interim CEO. Please… mi familia…

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i think we need a ceo. But this will not run counter to decentralization

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I have a new proposal ready to share. Do I need to be whitelisted to make a governance post?

You should be able to make a post under proposals. Will add in a poll for u if needed.

I think right now only a handful of people are actually left doing ACTUAL WORK on building at Sushi… Sushi needs a clean break from all this crap. All the backroom deals and politics. Let the community (the owners of Sushi) decide!

But it looks like those currently holding the keys at Sushi have no interest in the community.


In trust and governance issues, the only way to really mitigate it, is not to go with a one man band, so called the CEO, otherwise you end-up in situation like SUSHI is:

The Strategy leader, implicitly CEO, is related and choosen as CFO of one of his other ventures, to a serial financial criminal.

My take is to extend your proposal in bringing for interim management a Board of Directors, as described here Board of Directors of Guarantees for Interim Governance


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Feels like this is a good idea. I think to avoid “centralization” issues, we need to refer to this as Executive Chef or something to that effect.

This did seem to be the one community option that the community agreed on more than the Arca/Frog Nation option.

Would like this Executive Chef to have hiring and firing ability. There are things in the Arca proposal that were good. The wrong leader was chosen. Let’s move forward with this proposal and find some leadership.

Challenges facing sushi are many and difficult maybe it bigger than anyone capabilities
but sushi community itself is able to deals with it