Community election of new interim CEO

I hope you realize what a huge risk NOT becoming a registered entity will be. Uniswap is already under the gaze of regulators and rest assured Sushiswap is known by the SEC.

For those wanting to avoid the radar of the SEC by not creating a legal entity, that is not the right thinking. We are going to run into regulation very soon and we need to start legitimizing our processes and gearing up for compliance that other exchange businesses follow – Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). Also as someone on Core Team said, we need company bank accounts to pay vendors, etc.


I respectfully disagree. I feel we should be moving towards an immutable, borderless, jurisdictionless system.


If this were to move forward, I think a single CEO solution is the best during times of change and uncertainty. One of the root causes of the issues at hand were lack of transparency, responsibility, and guidelines. During organizational change, responsibility and ownership can become blurred. I would also like to highlight the proven good a one CEO type solution was to Sushi during the Chef Nomi incident.

Looking forward to continued conversion and discourse. Love you all.

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I think this should be our first step. A CEO can push for new proposals and snapshots and get us going in some direction. This limbo we’re in is unhealthy, demotivating and will result in members leaving. Setting up an entity first will take way too long. A major re-org is unfeasible within a short timeframe.


Also without a legal entity, any CEO is opening themselves up to legal risk at especially in the US. Appointing a CEO with no structure is an easy way to become a dictatorship

So, you’ll be OK with the KYC rule and the entity taking full responsibility for what is going on on the protocol? As I don’t see how the entity could actively manage and run the protocol (we are not Uniswap, our product is not that simple, not fully automated and it is generating revenue) without being held responsible by the authorities of the country where the entity will be registered… No matter what, I think that “entity” part requires a separate proposal which should be voted by the community - “Yes, register entity” or “No, do not register entity”…


I tried to keep this simple, so this can happen fast. Anything more complex will just end up in endless debate and meanwhile Sushi slowly falls apart. I understand we just lost another good dev (Gabe) and ME9, but it’s really hard to say at this point because Sushi operates as a black box.

I would like to see the vote on this forum post go to snapshot. Simply to find out if the community wants an interim CEO since the poll leans pretty for to a yes. Will the ‘team’ take this so snapshot and let the community decide, or will they just ignore this? @OmakaseBar @0xChu @dangerousfood

BTW. This proposal is compatible with all other restructuring proposals. This is the quick fix to be able to have a chance at executing on any of the other proposals.


i decide to nominate myself.



Got my like… I’d rather have an anon duck at the moment than the status quo :stuck_out_tongue:


IMO change of leadership is critical before finalising restructuring governance and should be done so swiftly just as the removal of maki was. Would like to see this moved along as soon as possible for the sake of Sushi as a whole

Don’t you think there is a huge difference between a fully automated protocol, run by an immutable smart contract and a protocol managed by entity? Uniswap Labs do not care about KYC, ALM and SEC - the users using Uniswap AMM are not their customers, Uniswap AMM is not generating revenue fo Uniswap Labs. If you want to be at same position with Uniswap in terms of SEC, AML KYC first have to find a way to make all Sushiswap features absolutely automated, smart contracts immutable and cut off the revenue. After that you may register an entity… just be sure you have provided a way to fund it… May be some VCs - just like Uniswap Labs. And when you are finished with all this, may answer the questions: What was wrong with Uniswap? Why the hell was Sushiswap created?


as the community duck-in-charge, i will make resounding changes.

  • Signing off


I like the idea behind on this proposal and I think we need a Sushi CEO. I voted no specifically on the vesting lockup. I think we need to discuss these issues in more detail.


I would like to nominate Goku, absolutely based and should be new CEO, specialising in memes and engagement

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I believe a more balanced approach to stop children infighting is a 50% community and 50% sushi development team vote for our new Leader. A true leader will balanced both and be more neutral to self indulgence of greatness. Bring Maki back to facilitate a smoother transition of Sushi to its next evolution steps. And there will need to be a dismantling of the 4 amigos, which clearly have something to do with the state of Sushi is in right now ( Joseph, Omakase, Keno, Rachel ). Great article by rekt news, a must read in my opinion…

Without knowing the full details, making sweeping assumptions is not fair. Once a group of people bans together to slander each other, it just becomes a competition of who has more dirt on the other.

Sorry everyone. Before all this we need to completely restructure governance framework with new avenues for innovation and contribution, with all operations having direct accountability. First things first.

lets play close attention to the other proposals

then comes a new shiny CEO.

Hello Sushi community, I am a concerned Sushi onlooker and at the moment I would like to join the discussion in the Sushi community forum and nominate myself as a candidate for CEO.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but Sushiswap is a decentralised community, but decentralisation means that it is inefficient and difficult to withstand sudden and urgent changes, and while it is good that people are talking about their opinions, it means that there is a lot of diversity, a lot of competition and everyone’s opinion is expressed in the family, it also means that there is very little efficiency and a long vetting process.

As our sushiswap homepage says, Sushi is the home of DeFi. Our community is building a comprehensive, decentralised trading platform for the future of finance. Join us!

If I am elected CEO of Sushi, I will turn Sushi into a true DeFi ecosystem, not just AMM, although we have made some derivatives at the moment, but it is not a true DeFi ecosystem, the majority of traffic is almost stuck on AMM and the more quality Sushi apps do not get a share of the traffic. DeFi is not only a financial service, but also a Web 3.0 infrastructure, and we will create a super huge ecosystem to access Web 3.0 and become a Web 3.0 infrastructure.

In the first week of my term, I will accomplish the following tasks

  • Set up a community hub committee to ensure that the community can deal with emergencies rather than waiting for the majority to finish voting and then slowing down, making it a good time to miss out.

  • The Community Centre Committee will be formed by the community coming together to elect seven people to sit for the first time and to categorise community proposals into referendum proposals and non-referendum proposals.

    • Referendum proposals: Referendum proposals occur when there is a more controversial scenario where any coin holder can initiate a referendum proposal that requires a referendum to produce a result, the scenario is as follows.

      • Modification of the basic law of the community;
      • Termination of an application in the Sushi series;
      • and so on.
    • Non-referendum proposals Non-referendum proposals, i.e. ordinary proposals, are voted on by a central committee to produce a result.

      • Textual proposals: for decisions that do not need to be implemented can be initiated with a textual proposal;
      • Software upgrade proposals: used to initiate upgrade votes on the chain for the purpose of smooth upgrades;
      • Parameter modification proposals: used to modify governable parameters such as system parameters;
      • and so on.
  • Cooperation with other public chains to achieve multi-party compatibility, not only with Ether, but also with privacy public chains like PlatON and Oasis, where financial services need to do a good job of protecting privacy for users.

  • Do a good review of Sushi application code to prevent systemic risk.

These are the tasks for the first week of the term, which will be effectively fulfilled when elected. Please give me your vote, I will lead Sushi to a whole new world and we will make Sushi great again!


I couldn’t said it better myself… they should be hold responsible if that’s the case.
They got drunk on other peoples money…

If @0xMaki was forced out, why not invite him back to the role?