Community Management Update + Code of Conduct

Hey all, recently in some community channels, much of what would be considered general decency for community participation has not been adhered to. Repeated polite requests for self-control have largely been ignored or tested, thus we are putting together an initiative to overhaul Sushi’s community management for the better.

In the coming year, we’ll be revamping the community engagement system. We’ll be sourcing volunteers, hiring moderators, reworking the tools, bots, & tech the Sushi community uses. Placing a premium on community events, community member rewards…and much much more.

In 2023, Sushi will be the premier crypto community for fun, productivity, alpha, & enjoyment, coupled with a first class product stack. There’s a ton of good here – and we will amplify the good while fixing the bad. With that being said, the first of these initiatives starts now. With Sushi’s code of conduct:

Sushi Community
The Sushi community should be thought of as a “get-together” of folks that share a common passion. We want members to get together and talk about Sushi & add value to each other. Sometimes members will get upset over proposals, or direction, or price but at the heart of it the community should be a place where it is clear we all want the best for SUSHI & we all want a positive shared community experience. Occasionally, members will slip up & act foolish. That’s ok, it happens, and we should expect that to happen. However, if we were in a physical gathering with someone that is always starting fights, breaking the rules, being obnoxious; & making the community “get-together’s” worse we’d likely rethink whether they should get an invitation to future gatherings.

Members are welcome to criticize, and point out problems. Sometimes the best discussion comes from people with different points of view. But if a member’s go-to form of interaction is persistent complaining, obnoxious behavior, & rule breaking they’re likely not going to be invited back to a future gathering. The goal of our moderation team & community managers is to be tolerant of the occasional slip up, protect valid discussion, but also ensure the community is a positive shared community experience.

The Code of Conduct:

  1. Scam’s, Spamming, Phishing, Impersonation, is not allowed & will result in an immediate & permanent ban.
  2. Racism, sexism, inciting violence against others, or other bigotry is not allowed. Moderators will take any action deemed appropriate to combat this conduct including immediate bans or read-only status.
  3. Threatening, Harassing, or bullying others (publicly or privately in DM’s) is not allowed. Moderators will be responsible for determining if you have crossed the line which may result in read only or immediate bans.
  4. Repeated & sustained trolling is not permitted. We’ll deal with this on a case by case basis with clearly articulated server warnings.
  5. Insults are not permitted, moderators will be responsible for determining if a post is an insult/taken too far. If moderators continue to have to respond to your excessive insults you will be subject to a read-only mute. After multiple instances of being muted a subsequent violation will result in permanent read-only status.
  6. Retaliatory attacks are not viewed differently by us than the initiating attacks and are subject to the same punishment system. If you feel someone has crossed the line, you should alert a moderator rather than responding. You won’t help the situation by responding, please don’t. Let the rules work.
  7. Sarcasm is fine if light hearted. There is a gray area but if something or someone is repeatedly crossing the boundary that’s not ok. We will alert/warn you two times, upon which a further infarction may result in a 2-week read only mute. Finally, continued rule breaking after temporary mutes will result in a permanent read only status.
  8. The policies do not change relative to how pro or anti you are on a subject matter. What percentage of people feel a certain way is also irrelevant. There may be proposals or topics in which a strong majority agree completely, & a small minority disagree. We’ll protect that group according to the code of conduct in the same way we’ll protect a small minority that agrees with a proposal or topic in which a large majority totally disagrees. Healthy dialogue, disagreement, & debate is a necessity for a flourishing community.
  9. Ban evasions/burner accounts are not permitted. The code of conduct must be taken seriously and individuals must be thoughtful regarding how they conduct themselves within the sushi community.
  10. The code of conduct does not change based on a platform. Community members are responsible for their conduct across sushi platform channels including but not limited to Sushi discord server, Sushi forums, Sushi calls/AMA’s & community events.

Disclaimer: Sushi reserves the right to modify the code of conduct or add to the list of rules.

And that’s it. Common sense rules, clearly defined, oriented around member conduct, to help advance Sushi forward.

PS: As mentioned, we are actively looking to build out the community management & engagement functions at Sushi. Those that are interested in community efforts & are interested in applying/contributing in a formal capacity are welcome to shoot me a message on Discord: neil#0795.


Hi hello, this is too broad.

Also this update and COC will be voted on? This seems important because you are giving yourself censorship powers. Thanx.

Breaking rules under the guise/excuse of “I was just being sarcastic” is not ok. Conduct yourself with honor, treat others with respect, you will be treated by others with respect & there will be no problems.

For the record we will be sourcing community moderators…sushi has always had Discord moderators there’s nothing new there. We now take a step codify the rules which is a positive.

We’ll be adding due process, as well as logs of infractions/punishment so that moderation & consequences can be published openly for all to see.

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