Community Roadmap 2021

We want to propose something unusual instead of being the sole contributors to propose a direction we would like to ask the community to join us on the forum and tell us what they want to see next for everything related to Sushi. No matter how creative, crazy, eccentric your idea is for the future of decentralized exchange, money market, IDO or really something you think should be included here we want you to share it with us.

The core devs are going to pick the ideas that are technically feasible and provide a deadline on when you can expect them to be live.

Everyone can be a chef.

Any ideas implemented or selected by the core team shall be rewarded with 500 Sushis no limit but only one post per community members to keep things ordered :slight_smile:


I love this team and community so much. Thank you guys for all your hard work and commitment, I couldn’t be more excited about the future.

I have one suggestion and it’s not urgent at all. Similar to how Yearn has Ymerch, I would love for Sushiswap to have official merch as well. Again not a priority at all, but your graphic design is already incredible. I would love to be able to purchase a sweatshirt or Tshirt that honored sushiswap in general, or a subtle reference to our leadership team like 0xMaki. I don’t care where the funds go, but it’s another way to reward sushiswap, help raise any amount of money that may aid in development, or we could donate any profits to a good cause/charity. I would rather buy high quality gear directly from sushiswap instead of a 3rd party. My original thought was that the gear could be subtle, nothing loud or obnoxious, but something beautiful that the sushiswap community could connect with.

Thanks again for everything you guys do! 2021 will be great. Please continue to let us know in the community if we can help in any way. Let’s change the world!

Edit: After reading the replies to this post, I think the other members have great points and happy to work together to come up with the best path forward. I gave this a little more thought and I do think it would be great to allocate a percentage of the profits to a charity of some sort. 1) It will help elevate sushi from a brand perspective. Not only is the tech at the top of defi, but we could also have something else tangible to showcase how we are making the world a better place in another way. Great for our brand and something I think we could all be proud of 2) I also think this honors SBF and how he helped save Sushi. He is clearly philanthropic, and it would be great to start thinking about that direction (even if it is a small amount, I’m not sure how much demand there will be), think this would make him proud and ultimately support Sushi even more. Just my thoughts that I wanted to get on paper, I’ll let the community to decide from here on out. Thanks again everyone!!


Sushi is a very good Defi exchange. We can learn the successful path from CEX, such as Binance. After Bentobox launching, I suggest that we can have margin trading function. The user can provide their LP or xSushi as collateral. It will contribute to the trading volume. Thank for the great teamwork.
Wish you every success in the future.



Hey everyone, I’ve been working on a proposal for a while this is probably as good of a time as ever!

The Sushi Forum Vision

The Sushi Forum is a (bi)weekly live show covering the news, proposals, and ecosystem developments for the Sushiswap Community. Anybody is welcome to join each episode to simply listen, to discuss, and debate in a friendly moderated environment. Each episode is recorded and uploaded for both archival purposes and as an educational library covering different aspects of Sushiswap.

You can listen to past episodes of the sushi forum here. And access all the episode summaries here.

The Sushi Forum aims to be the de facto community call for the Sushiswap Community, showcasing guests from Sushiswap contributors and broader defi communities, with a regular slate of recurring topics including announcements, governance proposals, and a review of external factors impacting Sushiswap. A Sushiswap grant will open up growth strategies that currently we are not able to independently fund. This includes both Twitter and Youtube promotional campaigns as well as community engagement bonuses to further incentivize community participation and user-entrenchment.

Future growth opportunities

  • Addition of live feed to encourage more participation, improve moderation tools, and increase exposure to broader audience

  • ask-me-anything (AMA) interviews with community members

  • SushiSwap Best Practices video series

    • Basic tutorialization videos explaining the sushiswap interface and platform(examples below)
      • What is SushiSwap
      • How to swap ERC-20 tokens on
      • How to swap on
      • How does staking work, and how to redeem rewards
      • How to participate in governance
  • Twitter and Youtube promotion campaigns to promote Sushi Forum and Sushiswap

  • expanded episode summaries and transcripts

  • community engagement bonuses using new Discord bot

    • 25 xsushi airdrop distributed equally among all participants each call excluding hosts
  • bi-weekly/monthly report on operations and costs for oversight

Costs analysis

Twitter + Youtube promotion (from research, on average 300$ a month for youtube; 130$ towards twitter promotion per episode) ~$820 per month

Translations to french, spanish, chinese, japanese ~$180 per episode, ~$720 per month

Community engagement bonuses, 25 sushi giveaway each episode, 100 sushi a month

Estimated Total

2060 yusd + 100 sushi per month

This is also an open call to anyone who would want to volunteer to co-host with me! All criticism welcome


Greetings Chef Maki and other community members,
The state of Sushi from launch to now has been exceedingly anti-fragile, a real tour de force from the team and community we congratulate everyone on this recent move and wish everyone best of luck in their endeavors to push Sushi beyond its current scope.

Thank you Chefs and community for your hard work and commitment.

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Our great designers @Kastrye and @ChesterLaCroix might work at it
A % of profits should go to designers and the remaining % could go to charities or gitcoin :slight_smile:


I love this team and community very much! Kudos for all the hardwork and commitment. 2021 is definitely gonna be a good year for SUSHI.

I have one suggestion on LPs. Was wondering we can have a LP swap native to SUSHI so members can save more gas fees when they want to switch between farms or leave a farm.

For your consideration please!

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I think the introduction of options or futures trading on sushiswap might be interesting. Options and futures are mostly on the centralised exchanges, and we don’t see much traction on defi.

Another one that I’m looking forward is L2. Possibilities are endless with this

  • allowing people to automatically buy small amounts of token every hour for a certain duration to minimise risk of volatility. For example, if I want to buy $100k of SUSHI, I might not want it to execute all at once. I may want to set a recurring buy over a set amount of time (once every 15th block, for instance).
  • incentive for fixed lock up in exchange for higher yields. Will be good to introduce incentives for sticking with the platform.

With L2, there could be new ways that we can design reward and incentives, and create a new set of token rewarding mechanism to encourage stickiness to platform


For LPers in multiple pools it would be very convenient if there was one transaction to claim all sushi from all pools or even better for me one transaction to claim all sushi and then convert to xsushi :wink:


Problems with on-chain leverage today

Aave/Compound do not allow you to borrow more value than you deposit. Why? Simple logic, there is no way to gaurantee you ever pay back the borrowed assets. Not just that, but due to risk of illiquidity at the time of liquidation, there needs to be a margin of safety.

Bentobox improves on this by isolating the pairs, which means a smaller margin of safety can be used on many pairs. But it still exists.

This margin of safety is pretty high (as much as 20-30% on aave) since it needs to be enough even for black swan events. However this means asymmetric downside during normal circumstances. If I deposit $1000 of A and borrow $800 of B which I sell back to A … if A/B price increases by 10% I make $80 extra. If A/B price decreases 10% I not only lose $80, I also pay an extra fee to liquidators, which under normal circumstances far exceeds the actual cost of liquidating those assets.

Bentobox also allows for stacking of leverage by depositing borrowed assets and borrowing on top of them … but again, the more leverage you stack, the more asymmetric is your downside.


How do CEXes offer clean 10x leverage so easily? Simple, the assets your borrow never actually leave the exchange. If I deposit $1000 worth of A, I can buy $10000 worth of asset B using leverage. The difference is that this $10k is not withdrawable. If my net balance approaches zero, the CEX can liquidate my entire position - the collateral provided to borrow as well as the borrowed coins.

How can this be done on Sushiswap? Suppose I deposit $1000 worth of A. I am allowed to borrow $10000 worth of B, but these tokens need to stay inside a Sushiswap contract. Which means I won’t execute trades myself, since I never get physical delivery of the ERC20 tokens worth $10k. I will instruct this proxy contract to borrow assets and specify what assets I want them traded for and on which dex (presumably Sushiswap only). So I still get a lot of freedom to use those borrowed assets … as long as I only want to use them for dex trades.

Additional functionality such as using those for governance, etc is not possible - although it can be integrated on a case by case basis later. This again is similar to a CEX - if I borrow $10k COVER against $1k BTC, I can’t take the COVER off the exchange to participate in COVER governance.


The main benefit is that users can get higher leverage without a compounding safety margin. They can get safe exposure to assets far exceeding their collateral - without having to do complex operations like iteratively winding out their positions in bentobox. A safety margin will still exist, but this will likely be smaller. It will also be easier to understand.

Additional thoughts

CEXes can provide even more insane leverage (upto 100x) - by having you trade derivatives that do not require physical movement of tokens. The orderbook for that derivative is restricted to that one exchange. Which means the exchange has greater control when it comes to liquidation - since the exchange itself can act as the fastest actor on its orderbook, liquidating positions against the orderbook at light speed. No one can pull their orders off the book faster than the exchange can decide to match them to process liquidations.

This is a possible approach that could be researched. Basically - you don’t allow anyone on your exchange to make a new trade until all exisiting positions have been unwound. Which means every time a user submits a trade tx - that tx will first check that no liquidations are required first, and only then go through as a trade. This may be prohibitively expensive in gas - which is why it’ll have to be researched first.


I feel like having charts would be a great addition.


I want to see a real world integration. Something that says, we are SUSHI, we are here. A guerilla marketing campaign. Think Banksy x Sushi. I’m thinking something like the Trump Balloon, Sushi flying over Canary Wharf or Wall Street. Or a Sushi cafe that only accepts payment in crypto. The Sushi story is already a beautiful narrative, let’s keep the excitement.


A crazy idea: Open a real sushi bar, where in addition to eating delicious makis, they are meeting centers for the community, promote and teach people to participate in the farms, etc … Franchises could be made. I would love to open one in Spain.


wow, at the same time I suggested almost the same sushi cafe / sushi bar. I love it!

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Great minds, my friend

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Autogas conversion

I have a suggestion for the dex, although not sure how possible it is, to not have to hold ETH for transactions, i.e some way where I could hold just sushi let’s say and when I transact on sushiswap, the eth fee required is obtained from the sushi.

Is it possible maybe to use bento box vault to pay for the contract to convert the user’s sushi to eth for gas, taking a small fee?

I suspect there are a lot of newcomers who don’t want to constantly keep topping up their ETH to buy different defi tokens.


Cool idea, and for a few thousand dollars a month it’s an easy choice. As the host, you should also accept tips during the show!

It’s coming…


Adding L2 option (similar to what gitcion offers with zkSync for donating) for actions which do not require immediate execution as staking, unstaking, adding and removing liquidity, harvesting rewards etc.

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Let me step it up a notch. My name is Charles Woon and I am currently a market research analyst in CoinGecko. I joined the space back in Oct 2020 so I am fairly new to the whole crypto scene but I immediately fell in love with SushiSwap because sushi is my favorite food ever and I genuinely like the direction of the protocol.

A little backstory here… Bobby Ong, COO and face of CoinGecko requested that I do my first in-depth research presentation within my 2nd week on the job. Guess which protocol he assigned me? Yes… SushiSwap… Ever since then, I am a SUSHI maxi and the entire Gecko office labeled me as such.

Now, I had this idea of doing a collab with SushiSwap on merch because we recently did one with Aave and it was a huge success. It was gone in literally minutes??!!?!

If you’re not aware, CoinGecko offers “candies” every 24 hours and you can trade em for awesome stuff like swag packs or discount codes for hard wallets.

What I hope to offer is a collaborative effort between CoinGecko and SushiSwap on this official merch idea. I personally would love to rock a SushiSwap hoodie… hello… SUSHI maxi here…

I really hope this idea gets considered. I understand it doesn’t directly impact the protocol but I can see a strong community value selling point here.

I am active on twitter as well: