Community Roadmap 2021

Community need a platform to order Sushi (as food) with xsuhsi, just to feel good !

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Basically agree, I think you also have to take these wise words written a while ago into account.

pretty sure our main target right now are aggregators, since I guess most of our volume depends on higher liquidity on key pools
onsen has helped a lot

with sushipro we could target pro traders

uniswap is still the go-to dapp when swapping low cap tokens because, if not incentivized, LPs will choose 0.3% over 0.25%


Yessir oh no I got doxxed

I’d like to propose a loan migration tool similar to the uniswap-lp migration tool but for bentobox lending.

Users with outstanding deposits/loans (on compound) could benefit from a one-click migration tool to move their collateral and loan over to sushiswap.



Not sure if this is possible technically, but I think this could be potentially a good way to attract more liquidity, especially from people newer to DeFi. When becoming an LP, you would be able to choose from a predetermined risk level. If you choose low risk, your impermanent loss would be limited to a small % or you would be able to get back the exact same crypto you put in. But, if you choose the low risk option you should be get a much smaller % of the fees/sushi reward. If you choose the higher risk option, you would be exposed to more impermanent loss, but you would get a higher % of the fees. There could be 2+ levels of risk. Maybe this could be implemented for only some pools, like the “less volatile” ones like the pools not in onsen.

Hey Sushi fam,

First time posting here. My name is Eitan and I’m leading the ecosystem development in B.Protocol [] which is a decentralized backstop liquidity protocol for DeFi lending platforms (bringing committed liquidators that can handle liquidations also during severe market conditions and offer better leverage for users in a less risky manner to the platform).

We believe we can contribute some added value to Sushi and have been in touch with 0xMaki and Boring to discuss some potential collaborations over BentoBox that we hope will ripe sometime in the near future.

I see here a few suggestions that can work great with what B.Protocol can offer to BentoBox users down the road.
Like this one on margin trading -

and also this one -

As this is very similar to the way a backstop is working - providing a committed (locked) liquidity that makes sure that when needed, liquidations will be made in a smooth way and with minimal slippage.

So I just wanted to share this with the community, hoping to see some of this being picked to be included in the coming roadmap.
We will probably post a more “formal” introduction to B.Protocol on a separate post in the forum soon enough.

Let it be a great 2021


Whoops… Sorry bud. I just saw your pic and thought “Hey, I think I’ve seen this guy before!”…

Really cool to see another msian in the SUSHI community though!

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all good man. mAlaYsIA bOlEh

2020 was a huge year for the NFT space. What if your team issues commemorative NFT tokens dedicated to an event (the anniversary of buying a pizza with Bitcoin in May 2010 or the anniversary of the creation of your coin). Make a limited edition of 15-30 coins, invite a famous artist in the crypto art and auction them off for charity or educational purposes. Make these issues of coins regular 2-3 times a year. It seems to me that the first bitcoins mined by Nakamoto will be more valuable among users than fresh ones.

Yeah… Here is a storyline, which I thought could be used for illustrated version of our history, but than @Kastrye came with a better idea - that it could be used as a baseline for a limited NFT edition:
Ordinary LPs looking for justice and freedom, revolt against the VCs dominance, find their leader in chef Nomi and his great idea, unfortunately the Chef shifts to the darks side for a while and even he comes back to the light, the haters are already launching their attacks, backed by a bearish market and greedy whales. Seems the revolt will be crushed under the massive dump, but is saved by a lord of another realm (SBF), then the mighty OxMaki takes the lead and together with his samurais (core team, devs and everybody who helped the project) supported by the numerous sushi ninjas manage to succeed … :laughing:

During the video call with boring and keno yesterday we agreed that this community would really benefit from a newsletter.

There are so many exciting developments in the sushi ecosystem and other than when a dev feels inspired to write a medium article there is no way for this information to reach the public. I consider myself pretty well informed about sushi, yet I had no idea that has been up for a while now. When I look at crypto influencers, they are just finding out about developments that are months old. Not to mention, so many of them still view us as a food meme or valueless fork.

I am willing to be part of the creation of this, but would love more support in this endeavor. Boring suggested Miya being involved in this effort. I am unfamiliar with her other than a brief encounter at a community call. I would appreciate an introduction, if she has interest in this.

I also would like to encourage anyone with social media following to share some of the magic going on with sushi with the world. There is a need. Compared to the word of mouth, faith and zeal of other communities SUSHI is struggling compared to less technically sound projects. This has allowed us to fill our bags cheaply, but this is the bull run. Its time to take the center stage!

Be the change you want to see in the world. Hayden is promising a v3 that will melt faces, let us show the world we have more to offer than hopium.


This a fantastic idea. I would love a newsletter to help me keep up with what is going on.

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A SushiSwap newsletter is a great idea and I’d love to offer my help on this :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been working closely with Yearn Comms for a while now and I help write/edit the official Yearn Newsletter and currently write the Yearn Governance Roundup and Yearn Partner Roundup — which includes a mini SushiSwap newsletter.

Feel free to get in touch!


Please know that I have a large allocation of Sushi in my portfolio. While I feel that I am approaching this piece with integrity, I am undoubtedly biased.

Yesterday I was blessed to get the opportunity to pick the minds of two of the amazing devs at Sushiswap. Every time I have participated in a community call I have felt both blown away by the ambition and potential of the project, but also sadden by some of the shadow. Part of this shadow is how disconnected information is both between those involved in the project and the community. For this reason I seek to bridge this divide and help spread the gospel of sushi shilling with a Nigiri Newsletter, a Sushi Synopsis, a bento briefing.

My first Miso Musing will be sharing everything I took in during the dev talk. The excitement I have for Bento is bubbling. I live in a country where being able to short a crypto currency is not easy, especially if you don’t want to risk your KYC up for sale on the darkweb. There is an epidemic of front running bots and corrupt ICO’s where your influence decides whether you deserve a piece of a highly profitable investment.

Both of these issues are in direct contrast to the principles I feel crypto stands for. Access to all, unrestricted, unregulated freedom from the failings of fiat and exploitative institutions. I feel that Bento represents opportunity to me where there was none before. Now, when I am front run by bots and the strategic investors are getting ready to dump on those who couldn’t afford exorbitant gas prices, I will have a market maker that will give me the opportunity to borrow and therefore short this asset. This excitement lead to my first question.

When can we expect Bento? When will the audit become available to the public?

Bento should be integrated into our main UI and available to the public mid next month. The audit was completed last month and we have successfully implemented Peckenshield’s suggestions. However, we are committed to delivering a product that we are sure is safe for our users. We have continued to test Bento, as many protocols with respected audits have been exploited. We discovered issues that were not found in the audit and have patched these. Maki has been on holiday recently, he will be back in action and the pace of things should pick up.

What are sushi’s plans with the dot network?

*So far we are collaborating specifically with the moonbeam protocol. The planis to have a smart contract where users can deposit there xsushi on eth and it will give them corresponding tokens on moonbeam. Allowing users ease in using their tokens on the dot network.

Any updates on Aave allowing xsushi as collateral?

Since the original announcement I have heard nothing. (double checks chainlink) There isn’t a proper oracle for xSushi. I (boring) could easily make one, but haven’t been directed to.

What is the status of the limit order functionality for Sushi?

This was developed by LevX and had been available in tester mode on, but very recently its functionality was removed due to a bug. We noticed very little activity for this feature and decided other features such as bento box UI should be prioritized by LevX. He still plans on completing this, but there is no release date yet.

Yearn has a newsletter which helps get the word out about new developments in the ecosystem. I notice that sushi has so many developments, but no one knows about them. Does sushi have any plans for a newsletter?

We desperately need one. I think that we should hire somebody. I will take to Miya about this.

Any updates on that cool traderview ui for sushi that I saw referenced a while ago on your discord?

Actually we already released this. Further proof we need to get news out to the community. You can access it at or I really like how it shows you all the swaps that are taking place in real time.

Lots of gratitude for Keno and Boring for answering all of my questions. I hope the readers appreciate my contributions. I look forward to providing more alpha for the amazing sushi community. The Sushi community continues to pump out products purely to make its users experience better and wallets fatter.

In addition to those features discussed in this article I behoove you to check out and Sushi Bar | SushiSwap Analytics. Also, you can earn more on your money by staking with binance if you don’t mind not having your private keys.

Please support the community by contributing in anyway you can. Defi is still in its infancy, how we show up now will change how the regulators and those in power perceive us and react to us. I love the view I have standing on the shoulders of giants like Sushiswap and Yearn. May the next generation of defi be as grateful for us. /End Shill

*Not sure if I remembered his answer well enough on this question


Thanks! Very useful info. Looking forward to Bento and also the next instalment:)

zippo’s dashboard is deprecated
use this instead

I like the idea of a Sushi newsletter… Anybody else with me on this?


Thank you! So many resources

Thank you for helping inspiring this. I would love to collaborate and hear about your experience. I will be in touch.