Community Roadmap 2021


One of the things I would love to be able to do in Defi is buy stocks. I have seen that projects that would allow staking of shares to participate in the purchase and sale commissions of the same, but it would necessarily be in CEX. I suppose bringing this to the Defi world would bring numerous technical and perhaps legal challenges.



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Dark mode Sushi would be Amazing ! :new_moon: I usually use the web at night so dark mode would be a smart move.


First thing first a Dark Mode option would be sweet! 2nd would be to have a online merch store. And 3rd for my home run swinger recommendation is, I would like to see another Airdrop? i missed the first one last year, by one day! :frowning: using metamask and swapping in Sushi.:frowning: I would love to see what 1inch did, which anyone who made at least 3 trades using there metamask got the 2nd airdrop. My first one ever! Im a long time Sushi swap user and to be honest know nothing about the adding asset combos for farming? I just swap and swap using my meta mask buying Alts. I think a lot of people would benefit out of another round. Uniswap i feel has all the yes on it, and if Sushi did another airdrop, that would be another huge success and put the spotlight back on Sushi? LOve Me some Sushi, i will be you tubbing later to figure out how to do this add asset thing.
donations greatly appreciated for this single Sushi father of 2.

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Dear team: I think a fast trading mechanism can be established. For example, when I choose to trade sushi-eth, but I only have sushi, sushiswap can automatically help me convert half of sushi into Eth and directly increase LP. This is a very friendly and convenient design for people who have only one kind of digital cryptocurrency. I hope my opinions can be taken seriously. Thank you !

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More %fees isn’t always better. Lower %fees also means higher volume - people trade more frequently. More volume can mean more fees as fees = %fees * volume

That being said for small caps people will pay as much as 2% if that’s the only pool with significant liquidity.

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I think we should add some agents to the sushi website, because I can’t visit the sushi website well in China. I hope the sushi website can be optimized so that Chinese participants can visit it at any time


Maybe consider partnering with Celsius Network? Yes, it is centralized, however, they are developing a swap feature for use in their app. It could be accretive to both Sushiswap and Celsius to have their swap system tap into the sushiswap ecosystem for trading liquidity which would create additional trading volume and fees for sushi. Celsius has 9B in AUM.

This could encourage them to list Sushi for deposits which would enable users to get a loan against their Sushi.

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Why is sushi website not open to our Chinese customers? I suggest a Chinese community. Many people in our country are very interested in defi mining, but many people are limited to being unable to visit foreign websites and don’t know the operation process. I suggest a Chinese community website to teach more Chinese customers how to mine, which is conducive to the better development of sushi Please pay attention to my proposal

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SushiSwap had a VERY rough beginning. The DeX started life as a fork of Uniswap, then was drained/hacked via “rugpull” by a supposed founder, and spent the following months fighting it’s way back to the top. Granted, the stolen funds were partially returned, but the damage was already done and the team going forward worked hard to ensure the continued functionality and stability and success of the platform. I genuinely appreciate the work that has been put in, and I hope they can find ways in which to begin taking over as THE most innovative platform, pushing the entire space forward.

My initial concept for doing so involved jumping ahead of the line with those seeking to integrate NFTs into their platforms. I think SushiSwap should begin offering loans for NFTs–using the art/collectibles as collateral. This should not only apply to “verified” items (i.e. art from Beeple and MetaKovan, collectibles from CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, and HashMasks, etc), but also for lesser-known items made by individual/clandestine creators. The value of each loan can be decided on a case-by-case basis, or can be based on a generalized valuation predetermined by the community. Doing this would give new artists the ability to obtain the necessary funding to progress in their pursuits, while also giving others with “verified” pieces the ability to access funding they need without having to lose their NFT holdings.

SushiSwap could extend this concept by creating a pseudo-pawnshop where not only can loans be collateralized with NFTs, but also where owners and creators are offered the ability to sell their items quickly (albeit at an often reduced price). This concept would allow for MASSIVE income for SushiSwap while offering services to the NFT community that needs them. Any NFTs purchased or defaulted on would then be in the possession of a SushiSwap foundation who could then offer such items for sale (with a profit margin) on their own marketplace/on existing marketplaces.

This concept is an easily accomplish-able one that would result in winning for all parties involved. Owners and creators would have access to necessary funding, while SushiSwap makes a profit on offered loans, defaulted loans, and purchased NFTs. Furthermore, I would be happy to serve in a leadership role for this concept, should it be enacted.


I would be happy to translate each future episode to Spanish and French for you (if you have a written version–I can read and write, but have a hard time hearing and understanding). I would only ask for like 25-50 SUSHI per episode to do this… If interested please lmk or shoot me an email to

I am also happy to go back and do any past ones that have not been done yet…


Airdrop will be distributed to this list of community members everyone will receive 100 Sushis if your address is missing please edit your post and reach out to @ayokiroll on Twitter.

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Yo, what about cross-chain lp farming on (Fantom, BSC, xDai, Polygon)? I would like to see xsushi stakers could get their rewards from all chains!!!