Couldn't unstaking wmatic/weth

Could someone help me with my problem?
I have deposit liquidity for farming pair wmatic/weth in polygon mainnet.
And I could not harvest rewards and also could not withdraw my SLP. The button confirm withdrawal just do not reacting.

same to me. cannot unstaking [WMATIC / GHST] . But deposit working fine.
It’s showing this error when click withdraw button.

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I have the same issue on another pair too, DATA/WETH

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It’s working fine now.

Hello, guys!
Today I managed to get liquidity back from the staking.
Hope you also could do it.

I didn’t do nothing special.
Button “withdrawal” just started work properly.

I have the same issue on the pair WXDAI/WETH for several weeks, now… I had kind a lot of money and cannot withdraw it, it’s so depressing; hopefully I can get it back at some time…! :frowning:

Any hint?

Three ways for farms:

  1. On the site app you’d go to Farm tab → Onsen Menu. Then on the filter on the right side of the page you could choose ‘Your Farms’ see if it’s there.

  2. If the farm is ended or UI issues prevent things from showing on a bad day, you can always use to withdraw.

  3. There’s always the option of using PolygonScan and going to MiniChef contract to write directly to and withdraw from there if allll else fails.

For speed and ease #2 is probably going to be most helpful.

Edit: (Once you have SLP back in wallet go to the Liquidity tab to import the pair addresses and to exchange them out.)