Cronos blockchain

I haven’t seen any discussions about the cronos blockchain. Would it be fairly simple to add sushi to the cronos blockchain? I’m no engineer but it says their software is meant to be compatible with Etherium dapps.

CRO TVL is over 1 billion now and they’re offering 1 million in incentives for Dapps to integrate.

If Sushi were able to obtain that grant could a portion be paid to the developers who facilitate that integration instead of 100% going as community rewards?

as a holder of xsushi being on new a chain quicker would most likely add a lot more value over the long term compared to additional farming rewards.


It’s EVM compatible so definitely doable. We did reach out to their team a number of times on this over the last few months but looks like there was little response from them.

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They’ve responded. Exploring this.


it would be good to get some competition going - underused chain in the grand scheme of things

I started using cronos beta and realized the blockchain itself is promoting another AMM, it’s connected to their app.

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Great suggestion. I think this will make it competitive.