Current sushi team structure


I have been following Sushi a while, however I am bit confusing about the current sushi execution team structure. Can anyone explain the team structure/vision/short-term/mid-term/long-term plan?

I love the DAO community approach, but as a project/business, we want/need to delegate the power to the selected talents, so we can move fast/move to the right direction.



@ctrl can you address this? This a legitimate (and recurring) question. Thanks and cheers!

Team structure is as of right now still just Maki and I, proposals to hire OmakaseBar and JiroOno will be posted to the Snapshot soon by Maki.

Now that both of them have shared their bios + discussed salary, we can move forward with voting by the community. Once they have joined officially, we’ll be able to share the team structure, people’s general areas of responsibility, our general standard operating procedures going forward, etc.

As for short/mid/long-term plans, we’ve already shared a fair bit of this. Maki has kept us all updated with bitesized blurbs about his ongoing partnership discussions and there’s a continous stream of info in the #changelog channel on daily ongoings. There have also been several Medium articles posted detailing a rough roadmap, the new Bentobox lending features, etc.

I agree that it is super important to have all available info displayed clearly and in one place. I’ll add it onto my to-do. Thank you for bringing this up! =)


Has there been much in the way of transparency for the team? Or are people only going by nicknames still?

This may be helpful.

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Thank you! I may go ahead and reach out to them. Appreciate the prompt reply.

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