Demand-side (trader) Incentives Program

tldr: A short-term incentive program for trading on


Sushi’s DEX (AMM) remains its flagship product and primary revenue source

The DEX has supply-side (LP) incentives but no demand-side (trader) incentives…yet.

One challenge for the DEX is the lack of frontend capture relative to Uniswap, meaning many people trade directly on Uniswap’s frontend while a higher portion of Sushi’s usage comes from aggregators like 1Inch.

Getting the domain and improving the UI has helped, but introducing an incentive campaign could further improve this by introducing and attracting more users to


An aggressive short-term (month-long) incentive program for trading on

Each day during the month, ten addresses that traded at least Y volume (say .1 ETH) on are selected, at random, to win a specified amount of $SUSHI (or $MEOW)

From the UI perspective, each day during that month if I place a trade on, I get a “lottery” ticket. I can get up to three tickets each day by placing three trades, each at or above the qualifying volume threshold. At the end of each day, the winners are announced and can claim winnings.

This would help get people’s foot in the door and get them familiar with Sushi and in the routine of using it. So I think the impact and retention would be pretty solid after the campaign ended.

This could also be introduced in tandem with L2 to promote a faster/cheaper frontend.

Before turning this into a formal proposal wanted to open this for discussion. The incentive parameters mentioned above are just rough ideas, none of it set in stone.

Best from Mr. Bento.


I favor this proposal! The lottery model pushes for traders to constantly show up every day. Well done

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Thanks @GreenEyes. I’m still not 100% sure on this idea but I think there could be potential here. Would love to see more community members weigh in.