Depositing Xsushi into Bentobox?

Hi all. Quick question if anyone can help. If you deposit your Xsushi into Bentobox, are you receiving additional yield? Or is there no benefit to deposit the Xsushi into the bento box?

Thanks in advance

Not sure about the xSushi deposit into BentoBox. Haven’t done it myself yet. But this blog post discusses regular Sushi in the Bentobox. Hopefully it will answer your questions. If it doesn’t, join the discord and check the support channel or the price-talk channel. Probably someone able to assist in either of those: The Power of BentoBox Reinvents DeFi | by Sushi | Sushi | Medium

I did the same thing and I have no idea if there’s any purpose for it.

That is actually the purpose of Meowshi (it represents xSushi wrapped/staked into Bento while maintaining your voting rights). At the moment there’s really no passive strategies for it because everyone is awaiting the release of Trident - the logic is I guess that when it is released everything would have to be redone anyway. That’s as far as I’m aware.