Dexguru <> SushiSwap Integration

Hey Sushi community, Nick from @defiprime here, being a longtime $SUSHI supporter :wave: I talked with @0xMaki on Twitter a few days ago and he suggested to pitch proposal here :smile:

We recently launched a new service :arrow_heading_down:

Dexguru brings together permissionless, real-time data on every DEX market, on-chain research, powerful analytics, and trade execution capabilities — in one fully integrated UI.

TLDR; :arrow_heading_down:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Free Trading View Charting for ANY token
:carrot: Gas-effective order routing
:white_check_mark: On-chain analytics :whale:

Dexguru gives you unparalleled coverage of on-chain markets integrated into one place and delivered in real-time. Yes, it means Trading View charts for any token listed on Uniswap. And yes, charting is always free!

We offer trading solutions with the most gas-effective order routing thanks to 0x API 0xProject (Sushiswap already supported for orders routing!)

We rank and label wallets based on on-chain trading activity, so you have not just real-time deal flow for any token, but know who’s buying or selling tokens.

Our goal is to build Bloomberg Terminal for DeFi space, where transparent on-chain data from permissionless markets presented in an actionable and insightful way.

We have dexguru v2 planned in our roadmap with detailed stats on the state of liquidity and trading volume for AMM Dexs:

From the main screen, User could zoom-in into the State of Liquidity with a detailed breakdown of how liquidity for a given token is distributed across different AMM Dexes.

Chart with visualization could be useful to compare how deep liquidity is in AMM Pools. At the moment there is no other tool on market enabling this kind of comparison for sophisticated users.

On a right side, User could see real-time transactions flow for all supported AMM Dexes.

From the main screen, User could zoom in into Trading volume panel, where trading volume is being broken down and visualized for each AMM exchange we support.

It could be useful to compare how different AMM mining incentives affect trading volume for AMM Dexs.

Seems I can’t embed more than 1 image in a post so here is a dropbox link


Full Dexguru integration with SushiSwap data: permissionless TradingView charts and on-chain analytics for ANY token listed on Sushiswap.

Proposed Grant Structure

To make this beauty thing happen we need $25k to prioritize Sushiswap integration and cover our development expenses and infrastructure expenses.

Proposed milestones and timeline

Milestone 1: $25k worth of $SUSHI - data connector for Sushiswap AMM, ETA March 2020


  • Detailed real-time statistics for trading activity and liquidity, better than slow and clunky
  • Real decentralization and team independent alternative interface
  • Users can see how significant Sushiswap is compared to other AMM pools.
  • Trading orders executed via Sushiswap thanks to 0x API order routing.


  • Sushiswap community gets a highly functional charting and trading tool


  • Save money for future grants


  • For
  • Against

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I like your website !

To answer you about

I’m using my own backend, with all data stored and updated in a server to provide the tradingview feed. I think you do the same for the Uniswap right ?

Uniswap data are already available directly through , you don’t necessary need to use or create your own feed for them, and it will be more faster

In a near future, sushiswap data will also be integrated directly in

I think has only top-100 volume pairs for Uniswap? Not really premissionless

I don’t think, if I check letter by letter, like UNISWAP:A , UNISWAP:B , UNISWAP:C … they have really more than 100 pairs, I don’t know how many exactly and if it’s all uniswap pairs based on available liquidity.

Anyway, what you used for the uniswap feed can be used for sushiswap feed :slight_smile:

Hey great tool and this was long time needed! I support this.
One question, i can’t really see a way to compare liquidity between exchanges on the left side as pointed in your explanation?

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Zoom-in: State of liquidity screen

Zoom-in: Trading Volume screen

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What do you mean by zoom-in?
I spent 5 mins and can’t get to the screens you’ve shown. :frowning:

It’s planned in a roadmap feature, not something live at the moment.

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@sneg55 Before voting, can you explain why do you need $25,000 ? Is it a grant or the amount necessary to pay servers ? Did Uniswap gave you $25,000 ?

The grant we requested, would cover our development and infrastructure cost.

The price of sushi has always failed to rise recently. We should raise the price of sushi

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I love the UI of your site. But we should check if this implementation might conflict with w/e analytics being developed for the main website (as in, they might have similar or overlapping functionality).